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Five Reasons a Bench Would be a Great Addition to Your Garden?

Although the darker nights have arrived and the winter months are setting in. There’s no harm in thinking about adding new features to your garden either now or when winter is over and spring arrives again. One item you could add to your garden is a bench. There are many reasons why having a bench is a good idea.

A Bench…

Would take up minimal space – If your garden is small then a bench would be a lovely addition. You can position it so that it’s in the sun or if you prefer the shade. It doesn’t take us as much space as a table and chairs would.

Doesn’t need a lot of maintenance – Most benches are already treated when you buy them but even if your bench is a couple of years old a lick of paint or wood stain will make sure that it lasts much longer.

Doesn’t have to cost a lot – Benches range in price and you can pick them up from as little as £100. If you are on a tight budget be sure to check the sales at the end of the summer, boot sales and facebook selling pages as you can always pick up a bargain on them.

Can easily fit in with the rest of your garden decor – With a quick coat of paint, your bench would fit right in with anything you might already have in your garden. You can buy a whole range of fence and shed paints so you can be sure that everything in your garden will match just perfectly.

Would make a lovely place for you to sit and relax – If you’ve recently lost a loved one or a pet you might want a place in your garden where you can sit, relax and reflect on happier times with them. Having a special place set aside means you can go there whenever you want and you can sit there for as long as you like.

If you’re thinking about putting a bench in your garden before you make your final purchase take a look at this guide. It is full of information that you will find very useful including how to take care of your bench, what type of wood to choose and the design of your bench.

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