What We Need To Consider If We Want To Grow Our Own Fruit and Vegetables

When I was little we had a vegetable patch in our garden. From what I remember we grew peas, carrots, onions and potatoes. I think we also had strawberry plants but I’m not 100% sure, we definitely had an apple tree but it never grew more than 3 or 4 apples a year. One of my fondest memories is sneaking out to the bottom of the garden so that I and my younger sister could pinch the peas and eat them without our parents finding out. 

Both Matthew and I have dreams of owning our own allotment but the waiting list around near where we live is years long – so whilst we wait we are thinking of clearing some space in our garden so that we can grow some vegetables with the boys as I’m sure they would all love it especially James, who loves nothing better than to be out in the garden.

If we were going to grow our own fruit and vegetables here are a few things I will be considering before we start:

  • Where will we grow – We have a pretty big garden so we could easily section a little bit of it off to grow our fruit and vegetables. This would be the first thing that we’d have to do as we’d need it to be secure from our pets and if possible the birds and squirrels who live in the trees next door. We would consider getting a small greenhouse or perhaps even a small Polytunnel so that any seedlings/fruit plants will be safe from those pesky birds and creepy crawlies. The beauty of having a polytunnel over a greenhouse is that should we wish to move our vegetable patch the tunnel can be moved and should we eventually get out allotment we could then relocate it there too with minimal fuss.
  • What will we grow – James has asked for us to buy an apple tree. So I think this will definitely be one of our first purchases as once planted it can be left to its own devices for the most part. I really like the idea of growing our own potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbages and cauliflowers. But I would also be open to any of the boy’s thoughts and suggestions as to what they’d like us to grow – although they’re not fussy over the fruit and vegetables they eat I’d like to think that if they had a say in  what we grew and were able to help with the planting, growing and harvesting they would gain a lot of satisfaction too.
  • What tools will we need – My dad is a gardener so any tools we need I will be able to borrow from him in the short term. He will also point me in the right direction of anything that we should need but I’m guessing a trowel, spade, rake and hoe would be enough to get us started once our area is cleared ready for planting.
  • Time needed – This is probably the trickiest of things for us to predict. How long is a piece of string? You can spend as little or as long as you want in your garden but the more effort you put in the better results that will come out in the end. The hardest bit for us will be getting the ground ready for planting but I’m sure between the five of us we will get there in no time.
We will keep you updated on our progress – when we eventually get round to starting our vegetable patch.

If you have a few minutes to spare please fill out this survey about Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables.

Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables? If so I’d love to hear about the wonderful things you’ve managed to grow. If not, do you want to start your own veggie patch?

*This is a collaborative post*

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