Ways Of Making Science Fun

I don’t know about you but when I was at school the one lesson I struggled to get to grips with was science. I don’t know what it was that made me feel this way as I enjoyed school and my other lessons. It was the subject that I got my lowest GCSE grades in (double C) and definitely the one subject that if I had the choice I would’ve dropped.

My boys couldn’t be more different to me in regards to science though and they always come out of school telling me about the exciting things they have learnt in their lessons. Callum since starting high school last year now has proper science lessons compared to the little tasters he had in primary school. He loves that he gets to take part in experiments and he really loves the indepth details that he has since learnt in biology.

Does your child like science? If so there are a few ways you can keep their interest peaked or if like me they can’t get to grips with it you could use these ways to encourage them to take an interest in the subject.

A Workshop – If your little one’s school offers them why not let your child attend after school club? If there isn’t one at their school why not look for science classes for kids in your local area. Each set of classes has a diverse syllabus and includes age appropriate topics from Life, Earth and Physical Life Science, as well as Engineering. Some workshops also include experiments and allow children to take home items they have created.

Books – I love, love, love my books and as a child we pretty much learnt everything using books and if it wasn’t included within a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica then it wasn’t worth knowing. These days though there are so many books and they are easily accessible thanks to the likes of Amazon and the Kindle app everything you need is at your fingertips.

The Internet – The internet is a great place for your child to learn about many topics. BBC Bitesize, Education City and National Geographic Kids are just three websites that my boys use. They have lots of educational information to hand and use fun ways to help your child learn.

Experiment Sets – Not so long ago James was looking through a toy catalogue when he came to the games section within the section was a double page filled with different sets you could buy. He liked the look of a set called “Explosive Experiments” and a Crystal Growing Kit. Sets like this and many others will make perfect Christmas present ideas. They are fun sets for your children and they will help them learn without the emphasis of actually doing any work. Last year the boys received a telescope and metal detector for Christmas, they have had so much fun this year looking for buried treasure and looking at the stars.

Maybe if all of the above was as readily available as it is today then I would have enjoyed science more when I was at school.

Do your little ones like their science lessons?

*This is a collaborative post*

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