Tips for Couples Who Start Living Together

Many couples in a serious relationship look forward to the moment they make the commitment to living together. The first night in the new house, the first breakfast cooked together, the first joint trips to the supermarket, they are often the times that couples remember when asked about when they first started living together. It can be the most precious time to a couple that begins to live together and it is very important that this feeling remains for a long time. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when you first move in together.

Respect each others personal space
No matter how stupid the idea of a personal space seems at first glance, it is worthwhile to think about having a little space of your own from the first days of a happy life together. It is really necessary because we all have our habits and personal traits therefore, it is very important for everyone to immediately draw their personal boundaries – many psychologists call this a pledge of long and strong relations.

Show your willingness to compromise
The first days and weeks of living together will inevitably require compromises. And the ability to find this compromise will immediately determine the immediate prospects for the development of relations.

Distribute responsibilities
It is believed that the faster a couple distributes responsibilities, the easier all issues will be solved and nothing will interfere in a relationship. It is important to decide on duties from the very beginning so that everyone has their own share of responsibility and a clear understanding of each other’s role.

Talk as equals
The main rule at the beginning of living together is to talk openly about everything, including one’s own uncertainty and dissatisfaction, even if it concerns everyday trifles. Sincerity and openness in relationships is a salvation from ignorance and strife, and it straightens a relationship even more. It is very important to have no doubts about oneself and a partner from the very beginning; don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses and shortcomings; don’t keep silent about things you don’t like and share everything that excites. Mutual respect is born in such conversations. And it lays the groundwork for lasting relationships for many years.

Allocate your budget
Discuss whether it is common or separate, how you plan the expenses, who will pay the bills, and who will buy the products. Possible consequences: without discussing this issue, you risk discovering that there is no money because you spend them on everything you want and now you can’t buy what you really need.

Don’t expect that everything will be perfect
Two adults, who decide to live together, have their own way of life and ideas about how and what to do right. If your parents never shouted at each other (or vice versa) and a father was preparing breakfast for everyone – it’s not at all necessary that your potential family will be exactly the same. Treat your new life as a researcher: watch and make conclusions. You will know better each other’s reactions in a couple of months.

You just shouldn’t force events in order to successfully pass the test of living together. You need to do it when you are really ready for it. Then you both will enjoy life under one roof.

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