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Quick and Easy Ways to Give your Child’s Bedroom a Makeover

I don’t know about you but My Three change their minds about everything, as often as they change their socks. For this reason, when it has come to decorating their rooms we have always kept things pretty simple so that if / when they change their minds about what’s the “in” thing for them, there’s very little in their room that they don’t like. We’ve always allowed them to choose the colour of the paint (within reason) and select certain things for their rooms like bedding sets and the curtains they’d like but everything else has always been our decision. We decorated the boy’s bedroom a couple of years ago and at the minute we are decorating and overhauling our room but once that is complete we will be redoing the boy’s rooms. Here are a few of the things we will be considering in their rooms:

A Lick of Paint – A room is easily transformed with a quick lick of paint. If the wallpaper is intact it won’t take too long to touch up any marks or even emulsion a whole room. It all depends on what you and your child want. Callum’s room at the minute is blue but he has asked us to paint it red so that he can have a room the same colour as his favourite football team – Arsenal. Nathan and James, on the other hand, want plain walls instead of the star covered wallpaper they currently have. Their room will take us longer to redecorate but we’re hoping it will be relatively straightforward compared to last time when we had to replaster walls and take off a billion layers of wallpaper (only a slight exaggeration).

A New Bed – Both of the boy’s rooms has a set of bunk beds in them. Nathan and James’ room has no other option other than bunk beds as the room isn’t big enough for single beds and their furniture. Callum’s room is a different matter though and we bought bunk beds as we thought we would need the extra bed on a permanent basis, but the situation never arose and space is wasted. Especially as his room is the smallest of the three bedrooms we have and it is very cluttered. When we come to decorating his room we may consider changing his bunk beds for a high sleeper cabin bed. I really like the cabin beds that have wardrobes and shelves but I think we would be better to look at one that has a workstation included so that he has a place to do his homework as and when required.

New Bedding and Curtains – A bedroom can be quickly transformed by adding new bedding and/or curtains. As your child grows so does their tastes. Over the years the boys have had Thomas the Tank Engine themed bedding, Ben 10, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, F1 and football. At the minute James and Nathan are loving their pirate-themed bedding but are wanting to change to Marvel Superheroes or a Lego theme of some kind.

New Accessories – Adding a new lampshade or light fitting, rubbish bin. pictures or posters to a bedroom can really help transform it. These can be bought relatively cheaply and will finish any bedroom off nicely.

*This is a collaborative post*

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