My Wedding Shoes Wishlist

When you decide to get married one of the most important decisions a woman can make is her outfit. I believe that after my dress the most important decision I will have to make will be the shoes I decide to wear when I walk down the aisle. 

There are so many wedding shoes to choose from I’m not sure I will be able to choose just one pair! Having said that dependant on where we get married I may need more than one pair anyway (a win win situation in my eyes). One pair will definitely be a pair of heels and the second pair will be a pair of flat shoes so that I can be comfy for the rest of my day.
Below are four of my favourite pairs of wedding shoes. They all have heels which may be a bad idea as I will probably resemble Bambi on ice in them. I will definitely have to practice walking in them at home a lot before the big day but as I am short I need the extra height especially as my groom is a foot taller than I am. 
1. These Irregular Choice heels have been on my wedding wish list for a long time. I adore every little detail that they have and they would be the perfect match for my dress. I have also seen a matching clutch bag so can accessorize my outfit and have somewhere safe to keep all my little bits and pieces that I may need on my big day. They are available to buy from Spartoo.
2. Another pair of Irregular Choice shoes on my wish list are these quirky looking shoes. But I think they are adorable. They have cute little Bride and Groom figures as the heels and they say I love you on the front of them. They would be a lovely pair of shoes to make a statement on anyone’s big day.
3. The beautiful pair of Jimmy Choos are my dream wedding shoes. Should I win the lottery before my big day (or if someone is feeling particularly generous) then these will be the shoes I purchase. They are beautiful, look so elegant and are ever so sparkly – they are fit for any princess on her big day. I love, love, love them. But because they are so expensive they are made especially to order.
4. Lastly is a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. These would also double up as my something blue (does it count if there is just a little blue on them?) I adore these heels and they would be perfect to wear again after my big day. 
If you could have any wedding shoes in the world what pair would you choose?

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