My Music Accessories Must Haves

I love listening to music – I think I must say this at least once a week here on the blog. But that’s because it’s true. It’s how our Tracks of My Years series came to be. I think my life would be incredibly dull if music didn’t exist. Although I think the boys would be much happier if I didn’t burst into song and sing at full pelt as and when I want.

Here are a few of the things I think all music lovers need in their lives:

A Music Player – I have music on my phone, iPad, iPod and on my laptop so I’m not short of songs to listen to. I can listen to music on the go, in the shower (thanks to my waterproof speaker) in the garden. It’s always handy to have some music on me as you never know when you may need to use it as an escape – which I do quite frequently especially on the school runs or when I am commuting. 

A Music Subscription – If you travel alone regularly then Spotify, Apple Music or the likes are probably a godsend to you. At the minute I have a free trial of Apple Music and I love it, I can search for artists and songs I like at the touch of a button. I also like Spotify so that I can see what my friends are all listening to and I love checking out the #ThrowbackThursday playlists each week.  When I used to go to school on the bus I had a walkman that played tapes and then in college, it was a Discman. Carrying cassettes and CDs used to be a nightmare – kids these days don’t even know they are born, do they…

Headphones – When I’m sat at the computer working I love to listen to my music, anything from Queen, Matchbox Twenty, P!nk, Take That and Elvis Presley to Rainbow, Oasis, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison and who knows who else… Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, UB40, Erasure, Rick Astley and Jason Donovan to name a few more… can come on when my tracks are on shuffle and I love it. If I’m home alone I will listen to my music loud but if Matthew and the boys are home I use my wireless headphones so as not to disturb them.

Wireless Speakers – When Matthew and I first moved in together we bought a surround sound system. The sound quality was fantastic when we watched movies and F1 and I used to love listening to my music through the speakers too, but it was so big and bulky that it took up lots of space. It also had wires that ran halfway around the front room so you were quite restricted as to where you could place the speakers from the system and you could only listen to your music in the one room unless you had it turned up full – something I’m pretty sure my neighbours would have hated me for. Today technology has come a long, long way and there’s no more need for wires (can I hear a hallelujah). This is great if you have a small room or if you are limited as to the places you can place a speaker.  When the time is right for us to get a new sound system I will definitely be looking at Wireless Speakers by Panasonic. Having a wireless speaker will mean I can also take my speaker and listen to my music anywhere in the house. Some wireless speakers can be connected to other speakers meaning your music can be turned on in one room but played in another and you can even connect to your music subscription services without the need for your phone, tablet or computer – pretty cool huh?

What are your must-have accessories?

*This is a collaborative post*

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