My Dream Road Trips

My nana is a travel bug, there’s no other way to describe her. She goes away as often as she can and there aren’t many places around the world that she hasn’t been to. Her daughter, my auntie is exactly the same. Every year for the last 5 years she has gone on holiday for two to three weeks at a time and travelled around America – she got married in Vegas and travelled for two weeks visiting different places. Not so long ago she went away and started in one state and finished in another. 

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and I am itching to start travelling afar myself. Whilst the boys are still young we are planning a few trips around the UK and to resorts in Europe with small excursions included but when they are older and either not interested in family holidays or no longer living at home we will definitely be going for longer periods of time and further afield.  

Before going away on our travels there are a few things we would need to consider:

  • Who would house/pet sit for us – this is obviously one of our main concerns as we have a house full of pets. Usually, we ask Matthew’s brother or my best friend to come and stay at our house but I’m not sure either of them would be up for a long stay. So kennels would probably be a better option for us.
  • Where we would leave our car – this is an important factor to consider, if we couldn’t get a lift to the airport we would need to leave our car whilst away. Depending on which airport we were departing from would need to consider airport parking. Luckily for us, Purple Parking is available at most airports around the UK and they offer both long and short stay parking so no matter how long we were away for we would know our car is safe.
  • How long we would be away for – this would depend on if we had the boys with us, who was looking after our house and the trip that we embarked on but we would be away for at least a week/10 days.
  • Where we would stay on our travels – We would mainly stay in hotels along the way but I love the idea of hiring a motorhome and travelling at our own pace. 
Here are just some of the places Matthew and I can’t wait to visit together.

Lake Geneva – Whilst in Geneva I would love to visit the home of Freddi Mercury. As a Queen fan, this is most definitely on my bucket list.
Route 66 – Who doesn’t want to drive down route 66? It is probably the most well-known road in America and I would love to say that I drove some of it – I don’t think we’d manage all 2000 plus miles in one trip, do you? We will definitely have to visit the Grand Canyon on our trip.
Autobahn – One of Matthew’s dreams and not mine but it would certainly be fun to say that I had travelled on the Autobahn just once. We would probably travel through Germany on one of the many European road trips we have planned.
Where would you go on your dream road trip?
*This is a collaborative post*

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