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My Car Checklist For Autumn and Winter

*This is a collaborative post*

Summer is definitely on the way out and over the next few months, the weather is going to take a turn for the worse as we move into Autumn and then Winter. There are signs all around us that the weather is turning, the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees and the dark nights have already started to draw in. For a lot of people travelling to and from work will certainly become more of a chore and when travelling long journies it can become a nightmare if your car isn’t equipped to deal with bad weather or an accident should it happen. With this in mind, it’s the perfect time to make sure that your car will be safe on the roads. Here is my checklist if you are planning a long journey:

Check your tyres before you leave – Make sure that your tyres are road legal, are in good condition and have the correct PSI. If you need new tyres for your car visit who will be able to help.

  • Check the oil and water levels on your car and make sure your car has screen wash and antifreeze in the winter months.
  • Keep a first aid kit in your car – This should be something you always have in the car with you as you never know what may happen. If you were to come across an accident being the first person at the scene could make a real difference.
  • Carry a high-visibility vest and a warning triangle in your car, if you break down or are the first on the scene at an accident you need to be seen so that you don’t end up being involved yourself.
  • If you are travelling and the weather forecast says it may turn bad take a flask of tea, a blanket and snacks just in case you get stuck. It may also be worth taking a shovel with you in case of snow as you may need to dig your car or someone else out of deep snow. Also, have glass de-icer and an ice scraper to hand so you can clear your windscreen quickly.
  • If you are caught in a snowstorm clear any ice or snow before you set off on your journey. It is illegal to drive with a restricted view and just clearing a peephole in your windscreen is a definite no-no – the whole thing must be clear and if you’ve had a heavy snowfall ALL snow must be removed from your roof as this is dangerous too – it could fall down on your windscreen or it could fly off your car and into the path of someone else’s car which could cause damage to the car or a serious accident.

What items do you check/take with you when setting off on a long journey?

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