MY Birthday Present Wishlist

My birthday is just over three weeks away and although it’s not a major milestone birthday I’m pretty excited all the same. This year my birthday is on a Saturday and for the first time in I don’t know how long Matthew won’t be working on a weekend so we will be having a date night to ourselves (a rarity of its own). Every year I am asked what I would like from my family and friends and usually, I have no clue and just ask for money so I can buy myself some new books or an item of clothing that I’ve had my eye on. This year though I thought I would share a few ideas here and everyone can come get some inspiration for my gift ideas.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I can’t wait to go to my local Primark store and see what treasures they have on sale. You all know I love a good cup of tea when I’m reading my books and I always have cold feet so you could always treat me to some socks, a hoody or some pyjamas and a new mug. Primark has a huge range to offer (and Beauty and the Beast products too FYI) so I’m sure that you will find something I will love in there.

I’m also a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. I love the new adaptation but I am a huge, huge, huge fan of the 1991 animated Disney film. It was my favourite film as a little girl and I still watch it now (much to the boy’s dismay) so I have been looking online for some birthday present ideas. I came across Lyst.co.uk. The website is a great place to search for fashion items you want to buy and when I typed in Beauty and the Beast it showed a few items including pyjamas, socks and t-shirts and where they can be purchased from.

Gift Vouchers are always a safe bet as a gift idea if you really have no idea what to buy me. With these, I can buy books from Amazon or clothes if you get me one for a specific shop. This year I do actually need new books and a coat for winter so the choice is yours.

You can never go wrong when buying me a bottle of my favourite perfume. I love any of the Daisy fragrances by Marc Jacobs. I recently discovered Nina by Nina Ricci which smells absolutely divine so that is a definite present idea too.

Oh, and FYI chocolate is always a welcome gift in case you are really stuck for ideas… 

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