Dilemma Of The Week – Choosing What To Wear For A Wedding

I doubt I’m the only one who is clueless when it comes to choosing a new outfit. I have the worst body shape ever and always feel like I am on display. It has been a long time since I’ve bought new clothes for an occasion, so long in fact that I usually just stick to the same outfit time and time again – I think the last time I bought a dress was four years ago for a hen party and that dress has been worn to at least five events since.

We have two wedding invites sat on the front of our fridge and I am already filled with dread at trying to find something nice to wear. One wedding is in February and the other in March. Neither is with the same crowd of friends and family so I could easily get away with wearing the same outfit to both – thank goodness for that.

But then the trouble begins what do I wear? A dress? if so, what length do I choose? What colour dress should I wear, as I always seem to go for a black dress and weddings shouldn’t be dark and dreary and do I have shoes and jewellery to match? If not then I need to buy new so that they match my dress. How should I wear my hair? up or down? Will it need cutting? The questions are endless.

I have made a start at looking for something to wear both online and in stores locally to me to see what styles of dress are available, with Christmas not far away I always find it’s easier to find nicer dresses this time of year. One website I visited was Esprit. I wasn’t sure what I would find here as it’s not a site I have visited before but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a whole range of outfits that would be perfect for my upcoming weddings.

Here are four of my favourite dresses. As it’s my birthday and Christmas soon(ish) I might just ask for some money so that I can treat myself to at least one of these dresses. At least then I will have more outfits to choose from for both of the big days.

1. This dress is definitely something I wouldn’t normally choose as it has a very noticeable pattern but I think it is very nice. I’m hoping to have lost a stone in weight by the time the first wedding arrives. If this is the case I think this dress would flatter my figure nicely.

2. For this dress to be considered I definitely need to lose that stone of weight. This dress looks gorgeous but I think it would show far too many of my lumps and bumps off as it would cling to all the wrong places on me – definitely one to aim for though.

3.I love this dress and I think it’s very Julia Roberts / Pretty Woman alike. I’m not sure the colour would suit me but I would certainly give it a try if it was to make me look half as good as Julia looked in her dress.

4. This is a dress I would never ever usually consider but someone once told me you should wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in. I love the lace material – it is something that I have always loved and I’m so glad that there are more dresses out there that are made with lace. I think this dress would definitely be better suited to a spring or summer wedding though.

I think my hunt will go on for a little longer but hopefully, something will catch my eye soon. Then I only need to think about what shoes I will wear and how I will style my hair / do my makeup.

Do you find it hard to choose an outfit for other people’s big days? Please say yes so I’m not the only one.

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