6 ways dance can benefit your child

It’s always great when children have a hobby that they love, whether it be arts and crafts or horse riding. One hobby, in particular, that’s highly beneficial for children and should be encouraged is dance, giving your little one the perfect outlet for self-expression while also keeping them fit and healthy. Aside from being able to dress your child in adorable dance outfits, take a look at these six reasons you should consider dance as a new hobby for your little one!

Better physical health
Dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay active, making it the perfect activity for children. Regular dance lessons can improve children’s physical strength, stamina and cardiovascular health, and have also been known to correct poor posture and improve balance and coordination.

Better mental health
Much like how people exercise regularly for better mental well-being, involving your child in a physical activity such as dance also benefits their mental health as well as physical. Activities such as dancing release endorphins into the brain, improving mood and reducing anxiety.

Improved self-esteem
Dancing helps children gain more of a sense of their own bodies, and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Dance also gives children the chance to explore self-expression and builds confidence in themselves when learning challenging new moves.

Better academic performance
Since dance requires a high level of focus and discipline, regular participation in the activity could benefit performance in the classroom. Younger children can develop essential skills from dancing, such as the ability to differentiate left from right and learning counting.

Building social skills
Attending a dance class is a brilliant way for your child to make friends and socialise with new people, along with building on their teamwork and even leadership skills. Children who are shy can often benefit from attending dance classes as a way to feel more comfortable around other kids and learn to feel more confident performing in front of others.

Encourages an active lifestyle
Lastly, engaging in physical activity from an early age can result in a higher chance of an active lifestyle later in life. Children may begin seeing activities that involve movement as much more fun than playing video games or watching TV and grow up with a passion for their hobby.

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