10 Ways to Make your Bathroom Family Friendly

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home, so it’s essential that this space works well for everyone. Ensuring your bathroom is clutter free and organised is key to turning a chaotic morning and evening routine into a calmer and less stressful experience. The bathroom experts, BigBathroomShop.co.uk, share their top tips on how to create a family friendly bathroom.

Fit a colourful shower curtain
A bold shower curtain provides a simple yet effective way to add colour and a sense of fun to the bathroom. If you have young children, you can bring some of their style into the bathroom this way too. Choose one that’s suitable for use in the washing machine to keep it fresh and clean.

Stylish and practical storage
Every bathroom needs somewhere to keep toiletries and other bits and bobs hidden away. A neat, organised bathroom helps to create a sense of calm, and there are plenty of storage options available to suit any requirement.

Vanity units provide a stylish and practical storage solution for any family bathroom. They combine a basin with storage underneath to help save space.

If you have space you could fit a drawer unit and allocate a drawer to each family member so they can keep their own toiletries separate from everyone else’s.

Mirrored cabinets are also great, and they keep essential items hidden away yet close to hand.

Make a feature of bath toys
Don’t deny your child a few waterproof toys just because you think they don’t fit in with the style of your bathroom. You can either keep bath toys stored in a waterproof string bag, or you could make a fun display by lining them up along the edge of the bath or window ledge.

Colour coded towels
Colour coded towels help everyone to identify their own towel and cuts down on confusion too. You could pick a colour scheme, whether that may be bright or something more subtle, and let each family member choose their favourite shade. Fit some stylish hooks so each person has their own dedicated towel space.

Opt for taps with a lever handle
Taps with a single lever handle are much easier to use compared to cross-head handles. The single lever means you can quickly mix the hot and cold water to the desired temperature. The lever also controls the flow.

Lever taps are available in a wide range of designs, and most feature a chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any bathroom décor. They also incorporate ceramic disc technology to prevent leaks and drips so you can be assured of long lasting durability.

Go for liquid soap
Bars of soap can be slippery, which isn’t ideal for young children, so opt for liquid soap instead. You could buy a clear dispenser and fill it with colourful liquid soap to make hand washing that bit more interesting for kids.

Double up on basins
If you have enough space, then it’s definitely worth doubling up on basins or vanity units. This adds a touch of luxury and helps to ease the morning rush on busy weekday mornings. It’s also a good idea to fit a mirror over each basin to enhance the symmetrical look.

A sturdy step
Young children most likely won’t be able to reach the basin to wash their hands or brush their teeth, so choose a sturdy step to help overcome this issue. When choosing a step, ensure it is light enough so it can easily be positioned where required in the bathroom.

Fit a separate bath and shower
Fitting a separate bath and shower enclosure (if you have a big enough bathroom) will ensure everyone’s needs are met. But if you don’t have space, then fit a shower bath instead. A shower bath widens out at one end, which creates a spacious showering area, plus there’s plenty of room for a relaxing soak too.

Slip resistant surfaces
The bathroom floor can be slippery, which can be a particular hazard for both young children and the elderly. So opt for a large slip resistant bath mat to offer more grip underfoot or go for slip resistant flooring such as vinyl. It’s also a good idea to choose a shower tray and bath with a slip resistant surface for complete peace of mind.

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