England’s Dark Side and Why You Need To Explore It

From Jack the Ripper to forgotten tragedies and ghost sightings London is certainly a city with a colourful history. They say history is full of ghosts, but London and England as a whole are probably packed with them. After all, it’s seen its fair share of trouble and sorrow over the years.

But England as embraced its dark past and there are many events the outright celebrate it! This might seem a little ghoulish at first but I have to admit it is interesting, who hasn’t wondered about some of England’s darkest mysteries? I’m willing to bet everyone has thought about whom Jack the Ripper might have been at least once, for example. With three growing boys, I’ve attended a lot of spooky events over the years and they weren’t just for Halloween.

I think boys and girls all get interested in those darker more scary historical events when they reach and a certain age, it’s just like watching a horror movie. And exploring these events with them is educational and there’s plenty of ways you can uncover England’s dark side and history.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourites below; these events might not be suitable for all children especially if they’re very young. So if you’re unsure don’t be afraid to ask the organisers, exploring the dark side of history is insightful and educational but you want to make sure children can handle it as well.

Jack the Ripper Tours
You’ll find plenty of Jack the Ripper tours in London and they are ideal if you’re looking for something to do as a family. Jack the Ripper experts will take you around all the famous landmarks of the serial killer while also sharing their knowledge with you as you examine the case as a group.
These walking tours usually start late at night in the majority of cases and some can involve grisly imagery and stories. It might not bother older children but make sure you take that into account before booking.

Ghost Tours
We’re going beyond London for this one! England is a country with a bloody history and every town or city as its own ghost story doesn’t it? No matter where you live there is likely someone hosting a ghost tour. They might be available all year round while some might only be set-up on certain occasions like for Halloween events for example.

If you can’t find one locally then London is a great place to visit one again as there’s a huge range of ghost tours available in the capital city. They might be focused on certain haunted areas or could take you all around the city to Victorian graveyards and much more.

Halloween Events
You’ll find Halloween events wherever you live! But if you want to travel there are some great Halloween events held in London every year, they’re not all just parties either. You can really explore England’s dark history while enjoying some good Halloween fun.

From visiting the London Dungeon to exploring the chamber of horrors at the famous Madame Tussauds and much more, during the Halloween season, you’ll find a lot more haunted ghost tours throughout London. Keep your eyes open because there will likely be something local you can go to as well.

Go To the Theatre 
The theatre is a great place to take children, both for its entertainment and educational values. To explore England’s dark past and around Halloween, you’ll find plenty of shows that explore the countries dark history. Some might even take you around tours of the theatre themselves as theatres are some of the most common haunted locations. London, in particular, is famous for paranormal going-ons in its many theatres.

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