Cars 3 Gifts That Everyone Will Love

To celebrate the release of Cars 3 we were recently sent some lovely items including cuddly toys, jigsaws and construction toys. If you or your little ones are fans just like My Three and Me are then the items I’m about to show you might just be of interest to you.

It’s been just over a week since Cars 3 made its debut at the cinema. My Three are massive fans of the film franchise and are hoping that we’ll get the chance to catch this latest instalment starring race car Lightning McQueen, his best friend Mater and lots of new characters. Until then they are keeping themselves busy with some of the lovely items we’ve been sent.

Keyrings – These cute little toys are perfect for any Cars fan young and old. You can have a range of characters from the movie and they are super cute. They’d look great on your set of keys or on the zip of a school bag.  

Cuddly Toys – How cute are these Cars 3 soft toys from Posh Paws? James adores them and hasn’t let them out of his sight since they arrived. He loves Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm and can’t wait to see them on the big screen soon.

Toy Sets – Lego has long since been a popular choice of gift for boys and girls of all ages. But for tiddlers with little hands then Lego Junior is the perfect way to get them started. The sets contain fewer but larger pieces so that little hands can make the sets easier and before they lose interest – I wish some of the boys Lego sets had as few pieces maybe then they wouldn’t lose so many of them…

Mugs – Why not enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or coffee in a Cars 3 themed mug. Disney Store has a range of mugs available from the movie and many of their other films including my favourite Beauty and the Beast. 

Jigsaws – Need a way to keep the boredom at bay on a rainy afternoon? If you said yes, then a 100 piece puzzle from Ravensburger would do just the job. Each puzzle piece is unique so no two pieces are the same in shape or size.

*We were sent the mentioned products for the purpose of this piece*

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