Affordable Family Fun for the Summer Holidays

Are you excited about the summer holidays this year or are you worried that the kids will be bored and make their time away from school stressful for you? If it’s the latter, it might be worth getting organised and planning various activities for the kids to do. If there are plenty of options available to them, they won’t get bored, and you won’t have to feel bad about being unable to entertain them or stressed out by not knowing what to do with them.

Here are some simple activities that you can organise for the summer holidays, which won’t cost a fortune:

Out and About
If you can, taking the kids away from the home environment tends to be a lot more stimulating for them, and depending on the activity, it will give you some much needed time to relax while they play. Here are some out and about ideas for this year’s summer holidays:

Craft Events
Most libraries and local community centres will offer regular arts and craft events during the summer holidays. Take your kids along, and they’ll learn to paint, draw, make origami, etc. while you relax with a cup of tea and chat to the other parents.

Sports Activities
If your kids are more energetic, dropping them off at the local sports centre, swimming pool or playing field could be a godsend this summer. Check your local listings, and you’re sure to find several options from tennis clubs to fun days at the swimming pool, which are subsidised throughout summer. Many of these events, like football camps, allow you to drop the kids off and pick them up later, which as a busy mum, I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

Galleries and Museums
If you’re lucky enough to live near museums and galleries, then you’ll probably find that they have numerous family events going on throughout the summer, and they’re usually more affordable than average too!

At Home
Of course, it isn’t always possible to take the kids out, and most mums won’t be able to organise outdoor activities every day, so here are some at home options for keeping the kids happy this summer:

What could be better than a wonderful summer picnic in the garden? Get the kids to help you cook up a few cupcakes, sandwiches and sausage rolls, lay out a blanket in the garden and eat, drink and perhaps play a few party games too.

Build a Fort
Building a fort in the house or garden, using sheets, pillows, chairs and anything else they can find is a great way to get the kids mildly active and ensure that they don’t get bored. Once the fort is built, they will love sitting in there playing with the Safe Kids App on their tablet and chatting with their friends. If it doesn’t rain, the fort can stay up for a few days, giving them a ‘private’ den that they’ll love retreating into.

Host a Movie Day
Buy, rent or stream a few of the kid’s favourite movies, prepare a few of their favourite snacks and let them invite a friend or two over. They’ll be so engrossed it eh films that you’ll be able to sneak a few hours to yourself.

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