#PetrolInThePast How Times Have Changed

The village where I grew up consisted of about 50 houses, a couple of farms, a small park next to the village hall and an unused petrol station. In its heyday, the petrol station was attached to a busy garage that serviced all the local cars but as the times changed the garage was no longer used as much and it was later sold and turned into a caravan supplies shop. I don’t ever remember the time when the petrol pumps were used but my dad (who always spent school holidays as a child in the village) said it was always busy.

Petrol stations have changed a lot in the last twenty years that’s for sure gone are the days of petrol stations that just sell fuel, nowadays they have lots to offer their customers and when we go away or on a family day out we always find ourselves visiting at least one and it’s not just to fill up the car. 

It is important to remember when visiting a petrol station that although a necessity and an unavoidable place to visit for us to live our lives with a car they can be dangerous places to visit too and for this reason they must all have insurance should an accident occur both to protect themselves and people using the services, if they don’t have cover they should consider looking into Petrol Station Insurance from Forum Insurance.

When we go to see my parents on the coast it’s at least a 100-mile round trip so it’s not hard to see why we need to stop. You can guarantee that one of us will need the toilet (usually me) and someone always wants a drink or some sweets and there has been at least one occasion where we have run out of screen wash and have needed to buy more. Some of the petrol stations along the route have:

Convenience stores –  most petrol stations these days have small shops where you can buy essentials others have small supermarkets attached to them so that you can do a small top up shop before/after paying for your fuel – comes in handy when you need a pint of milk or loaf of bread late at night I can tell you. 

Pay at the pump – Whoever thought of this little gem deserves a pat on the back – how amazing is it that if the only thing you want from a petrol station is to actually fill up your car then you can do it without having to go inside and pay. Perfect if you have sleeping babies in the car or more than one child who you have to unbuckle out of a car seat – do they not know how hard it is to get them all in place when you start out on your epic road trip. 

Toilets – This is a must for me when choosing somewhere to stop. I always need the toilet along the way. When the boys were younger petrol stations with toilets were a godsend as we could break up our journies more frequently with a toilet break.

A car wash – Always handy if you want your car cleaning before you start your journey or during it. I think the first time I went in a car wash was when I was 18 and my friend had not long passed her test. I absolutely hated the feeling of being stuck so won’t go in a car wash unless it’s absolutely necessary… 

A coffee machine – If you fancy a snack, sweets or a cup of coffee to enjoy whilst on your journey petrol stations can be a great place to pick up your favourite treat along the way. Two of our local petrol stations have started selling Costa Coffee and Starbucks so we always start a long journey with one of our favourite drinks. 

Please make sure you follow these rules when visiting a petrol station for your own safety and that of other people too:

  • No smoking or naked flames
  • No eating or drinking
  • No using your mobile phone 
  • Don’t leave children unattended
*This is a collaborative post*

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