Organising Some of The Smaller Wedding Details…

So, you’ve been planning your wedding so that your day runs perfectly. Once you’ve chosen the important details like your venue, dress, suits and the wedding breakfast menu. It’s time to turn your attention to the finer details and these to me are the details that will make or break my big day. 

Although I am yet to decide 100% on my venue (hello indecisiveness my old friend) I do already have my dress and family who have been penciled in to lend us their classic cars, make our cake and take photographs should we wish to cut our budget a little bit. So my thoughts have been turning to some of the smaller but important additions to my big day and these include:

Flowers – I’m not the type of girl that likes to have a lot of flowers around so when I get married I will be keeping the flowers to a minimum. Tulips are my favourite flowers so my bouquet although small and simple will most definitely be full of these. My bridesmaids will also have small but elegant bouquets and Matthew, his best man, the boys and our parents will all have single button hole flowers and that will be it for flowers on our big day. Although if we elope to New York who says we’ll have flowers at all…

Wedding Rings – Choosing wedding rings to me is as important as choosing your venue. Obviously, the rings you choose are going to be unique to you and they will probably have a different meaning to you than what my rings will mean to me – I believe they symbolise love and the commitments I will be making to my husband ( I so can’t wait until I can actually tell everyone that). One jeweller, we have been looking at is F.Hinds. They have a huge range of rings available and to suit all budgets. At the minute we have decided that our rings will be as close to matching as possible and I’d love a small diamond in both rings although I don’t think Matthew will want one in his… Once we have chosen our rings they will be locked away. Nearer the wedding they will be given to Matthew’s brother to look after until our big day that way we will know they will be safe.

Wedding Shoes  – No bride is fully dressed without her shoes. My dream wedding shoes would be a pair of Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choos and if we go for a smallish wedding with a strict budget I think I could probably stretch to pair for myself. Having said that the most important thing about your wedding shoes is comfort – make sure they are comfy as you are going to be on your feet a long time and there’s really no point buying a pair of shoes if you can’t walk in them. Another point to consider is the length of your dress – make sure you take your wedding shoes with you to any dress fittings so that it can be made to the right length when you’re in your heels.

Favours – When I was little the only wedding favours I remember from family weddings were sugared almonds. Every single wedding we went to that is what was sat on every table. These days depending on your budget there are so many different  types of wedding favours available  to you, that you really are spoilt for choice and your friends and family will love whatever you decide:

  • Personalised Sweets or Chocolate Bars – Why not add a personalised touch to your wedding by giving out personalised sweets or chocolate bars as wedding favours. I love the idea of personalised M & M’s or Matthew’s favourite chocolate bars Green and Blacks.
  • Miniature Bottles of Alcohol – If you are having an adult only wedding or are having separate favours for adults and children why not give your guests a  little tipple as a wedding favour. Just Miniatures offer a choice of wines and spirits from as little as £2.99 per favour.
  • Charity Donations – This is becoming a very popular as a wedding favour. Instead of giving your guests a gift you can make a donation to a charity instead. Many charities have their own favours options and in return for a donation give you enough badges and certificates for your guests. My charity of choice for a donation would be the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as they do an amazing job and have saved the lives of two family members in recent years.
  • Sweets – Although already mentioned you can give your guests a small box or organza bag filled with sweets – jelly beans, love hearts and small chocolates are all popular with wedding guests.
  • Bubbles – Perfect for kids both big and small and certainly something that’s guaranteed to keep little ones quiet through the speeches. I have seen bubbles shaped like champagne bottles and little bride and grooms which I love.

Venue Decorations – You don’t need to spend a fortune on your venue to make it look fabulous – coloured balloons, ribbons and flowers all add the perfect finishing touches to any room. If you are hiring a hotel for your venue most include table centerpieces and chair covers in with your package but make sure what is included so you’re not left disappointed especially if you’re running out of money. You can make your own seating plans, place settings and table centers if you are creative. A few years ago our best friends got married and everything was handmade by the bride and her mum, the autumnal theme worked beautifully and using pine cones and leaves within the centerpieces worked really well.

*This is a collaborative post*

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