Got A Shy Child? Here’s How You Can Help Boost Their Confidence

We’re not all born with heaps of confidence. Even the people who have large egos and bucket-loads of self-confidence might very well have been very shy children. As kids grow up and start to find their own place in the world, they are able to shake off their shyness and develop a confident nature that will help them through adulthood.

There is no wonder that quite a few parents worry about their shy children. All a parent wants is their children to be happy and accepted by their peers, which can often be a struggle for shy children. Thankfully, there are ways you can coax them out of their shells. Hopefully, the following tips can help you do just that.
Encourage Friendships
Generally speaking, the more friendships a child has, the more outgoing they will become. So, encouraging your child to develop as many friendships at school is a great way to help them deal with their shyness. You might want to help things by telling your child that they can have a sleepover for their friends. Helping your child be proactive with their social life in this way can really boost things for them and make them look a lot more favourable upon them.
Motivate Them To Take Up Team Sport
There are many benefits of sports and an active lifestyle, but changing young people’s lives through sport has to be one of the biggest. There are many ways a sport can change a child’s life, but you will find that once your child joins a local team, their confidence will grow and they will really start to flourish in life. All the interaction that comes with being part of a team will really influence them to become a lot more outgoing, and it can also cement some really good life lessons, especially the advantages of teamwork and cooperation.

Don’t Ever Shame Your Child
It is very important not to shame your child whenever you are both in public, even if you think it is an adequate punishment for any naughty behaviour. Shaming your child will make them feel that there is something wrong with them, and this could cause feelings of insecurity. Rather than shame your child, you need to emphasise with them so that you understand them more. Once your child sees your empathy in practice, they will develop it themselves, which can greatly improve their social skills.
Respond To Your Child’s Needs 
Children who are highly sensitive are much more likely to be very shy. Studies show that responsive parents can help a child deal with their sensitive nature better and this prevents it from manifesting as shyness. So, make sure you are always aware of your child’s needs and respond correctly to them. Over time, this should help them stand up for themselves.
As you can see, shy children don’t have to be that way all the time. Have you helped your child overcome shyness? I’d love to hear about all the tips you used – let me know in the comments!

*This is a collaborative post*

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