What’s The First Thing You’d Buy If You Won The Lottery

Some believe that you are born lucky, others believe luck is what you make it. Myself, I believe that you have to be in it to win it. As an avid comper (someone who likes to enter competitions) my thoughts are that the more competitions you enter the higher the chances of you winning. I also believe that someone has to win so why won’t it be me. In the past, I have done really well and have won some amazing prizes including two mini cruises to Amsterdam, £1000 to spend at Tesco, an iPad Mini, two Arsenal mascot experiences for Callum, two mobile phones, jewellery and many other things.

So my thinking is that although the odds of winning the lottery are quite low someone, somewhere has to win and if two of our friends can win on the lottery then why can’t I too. One of my old school friends was lucky enough to match 5 numbers on the lottery when we were in college and another friend’s mum won a nice amount on the Irish Lottery not so long ago – not life-changing amounts for either of them but they still had nice holidays and shopping sprees with their windfalls.

Everyone dreams of winning the Lottery, don’t they? Well I know I do and I still have a dream often about winning big. You hear all the time of people winning life-changing amounts in the Powerball draws and how they say that the money will never change them but who can say that that amount money wouldn’t change them I know it would definitely change me – not as a person but I’d definitely be less stressed and would never have to worry about money for me or my family ever again and if I’m ever lucky enough to win the EuroMillions there are a few things I would spend some of my winnings on.

A Wedding

I’m not one for being the centre of attention so I’d never want to have a big formal wedding, but I do have a huge family so it would be nice to be able to invite everyone without the worry about the cost. Having said that I’d be happy with a wedding in our dream location – Cuba. At the minute because we’d have to get married in the school holidays in Cuba the price is way out of our budget and to take the boys out of school so that the cost would be £3000 cheaper wouldn’t be fair on them missing out on school or fair on us getting fined. So a wedding would definitely be top of my list.

A House

I love my home but there is no storage space at all and every room needs redecorating. I wouldn’t go mad and buy a 10 bedroom mansion. I would, however, buy a nice detached house with enough bedrooms for the boys to have a room of their own, a spare room for guests and a small library for me to escape too (OK so this might have to double up as my office too). I would also be able to pay for a gardener and a decorator to come in an do all the stuff I dislike.

A Car

Or three or four… We are petrol heads in our house and we love Motorsports if we were to win a lot of money then we would definitely have a fleet of sports cars. Matthew is a fan of Nissan Skylines and I know he’d love a GTR whereas I’d love an Audi R8 and if I was to win big then a Ferrari F12 would be my car of choice – for the weekends of course. My daily run around would be a Range Rover or a Mercedes SUV.

Shoes and Handbags

A girl can never have enough shoes and handbags. I’d have a wardrobe built especially for all my little friends. I’m not usually a girl who loves materialistic objects but with a wardrobe full of beautiful shoes and bags I’d certainly feel like a queen.

As well as the above items I’d pay off our parents mortgages and buy our siblings a house each of their own. I’d put some money into trust funds for each of the boys and I’d be sure to enjoy as many f1 races as was possible.

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

*This is a collaborative post*

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