What Are The Qualities Of A Good Landlord

Getting onto the property ladder can be tricky so it’s no wonder that so many people rent whilst they are saving up or waiting for their perfect house to come onto the market. But finding a landlord and a property whilst you wait can also be quite hard.

If you’re looking to rent a house or maybe you want to become a landlord here are a few important #RentalInsights to consider.

A good landlord will:

Always be covered by insurance – This is probably one of the most important things as a landlord that you should have. Even if you have great tenants nobody can foresee the future or what might happen if you get new tenants or if the worst should happen and your property needs lots of work doing to it. It is better to be insured and to not need it than to not be insured and need it. Landlord Insurance can cover many different things so it’s best to talk to someone in the know who will be able to talk to about your requirements. If you don’t have insurance and are considering taking it, take a look at to see how they could help you get the correct cover for your property.

Be fair and reasonable – If a tenant has asked for a job to be done, then this must be carried out within a reasonable time frame and by a professional body. Don’t try to fix things yourself if you’re not able to as this will cause more problems and you could be breaking the law too. If you are a tenant then you have to give your landlord time to get the problem sorted.

Be professional – No matter what you must be professional. After all your property is most likely a main source of income. If you need to speak to your tenant or inspect the property make sure you contact them by the correct methods. You can’t just turn up and expect your tenant to let you in. If a tenant is not keeping to the terms agreed then there are steps you can and must take in order to get them to pay what is owed or to move out. The last thing you want is a tenant from hell ruining your property.

Have good communication skills – If a landlord needs to get in touch with their tenants then they must do so in the correct manner. They are not allowed to just come into the property without prior warning and they must speak to their tenants respectfully. Good communication works both ways if you’re a tenant and you need to speak to your landlord being polite and respectful whilst on the phone or face to face is really important too. You are far more likely to get your point across when you are calm rather than when you are worked up or acting aggressively – not that there should ever be a reason for you to be aggressive to each other.

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