How I Turn #TearsIntoSmiles

It really looks like the better weather is here to stay. This past week My Three have been outside every day enjoying the lovely weather. They’ve played football, ridden their bikes, played with some outdoor toys and they’ve even been to the park. I love that the boys spend more time outside when it’s nice as it makes a lovely change to them being glued to a tablet or console. But with the nice weather and playing outside comes the tears when they fall or hurt themselves – it’s a good job this mum’s on hand to turn their #TearsIntoSmiles isn’t it?

Here are the things I’ve done / still do to help stop those tears falling and to turn those frowns upside down…

  • A mummy kiss – when the boys were smaller there wasn’t much a kiss from mummy couldn’t fix. These days they only work on James (at 7 he is still very much the baby of the family and a total mummy’s boy at heart – long may it continue I say)
  • A Cuddle – Just like a mummy kiss a cuddle always works well too.
  • A treat – Something as simple as letting them choose what to watch on TV, a sweet or even an ice cream when we’ve been out and about have all helped stop the tears from falling.
  • A special plaster – Since Callum was small I have always had a stash of child-friendly plasters in my first aid kit, handbag, in the car – there’s always plasters on hand. I find that a plaster with their favourite character on it can help stop the tears a little quicker than a plain one.
Watch this video below from Elastoplast to see how they turned tears into smiles – it really is something quite beautiful.

What do you do to stop your little one from being upset when they fall or hurt themselves?

*This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk*

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