Beauty Treatments For Busy Mums

Being a mum is hard work and sometimes it leaves little time for anything else and things sometimes slip by the wayside especially when it comes to our own beauty regimes. I can’t remember the last time I actually spent the time to get my hair done or wore make up. Sometimes I think that this is a shame and that I should make more of an effort everyday but then that in itself is the problem I don’t know if I  personally could be bothered with the effort needed everyday. I already get up at  half past 6 to exercise if I was to add a hair and beauty regime (other than a shower and my hair up in a ponytail) into my morning too then I’m not sure what time I would have to start my day. How do you Super-mums do it all and look so fabulous all the time?

Recently I have been looking into a few things that I may consider in the future that will help with my beauty regime but means that there is little or no upkeep on my part until you need to have the treatment redone. Some can be done at home but the majority are specialized and have to be done by the professionals. Here are a few of the beauty treatments I have been looking into.

Hair Straightening – My hair takes hours and hours to wash, dry and straighten. I love doing my hair but I just don’t have the time (or patience if I’m honest) doing this everyday unless it’s for a special occasion. I am considering visiting a local salon that offers a Brazilian Blow-dry.  This is a professional treatment so must be done by someone who knows what they’re doing – don’t be fobbed off by someone offering this treatment cheaply as it costs in the region of Β£150 and it could ruin your hair if done by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Results last around three to four months so if you don’t like the end result at least you’re not left with something that’s permanent. 

Tattoo Make Up – If you hate putting make up on or like me just a little bit rubbish at knowing what looks nice / how to actually apply make up properly then you might consider having semi permanent / permanent make up applied. You can have treatments for your lips, eyes and eyebrow. How great would it be to wake up with your make up already applied and imagine those nights out when you can’t be bothered to take your make up off before bed

 If like me you have naturally fair eyebrows or have scarring on your eyebrows so that they no longer grow properly you can have a procedure called Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment – The treatment works in a similar way to a tattoo and natural pigments are applied to the patient on their brow area. A team of experts delicately replicate the appearance of natural strokes on the brow area to replicate each individual brow hair. They can use the pigment to build upon existing eyebrows for a fuller and more defined look. The results can be semi-permanent or permanent so there is an option to suit everyone.

Eyelash Extensions – Do you ever dream have having naturally long beautiful eyelashes? If so have you considered extensions? I hadn’t until recently trying to apply false eyelashes for a rare night out – let’s just say they didn’t even get applied let alone last the night as I just couldn’t apply them at all. If I was the type to regularly go out or even just apply make up a regular basis I would have eyelash extensions. If applied correctly and looked after they can last up to a month and a half before you need to have new ones applied. 

Teeth Whitening – You can get kits to whiten your teeth at home, visit a beauty therapist or from many dentists – ask your own dentist to see what they offer or if they know someone local who offers this service. Results vary depending on the type of treatment you use and can last up to a year but it usually takes more than one treatment before you get the finished result. So not necessarily a quick beauty fix but certainly one that is bound to improve your smile and help you feel great.

Are there any treatments you’d consider so that you could spend less time on getting ready?

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