A Real Cool Dude – Mini Stretch Armstrong

When I was younger my older brother had a Stretch Armstrong and he loved it, both myself and my younger sister thought it was great too. We all used to all pull him as far as we could… fast forward 20 odd years and Stretch is back both in his original form and in a new mini form too. He is still as popular today as he was when we were younger.

The new Stretch Armstrong is 18cm tall and is super strong and super stretchy! Don’t be fooled by his mini appearance. He can be stretched to over 5 times his original size. Just grab hold of his arms, legs or torso and stretch, stretch, stretch…

You can release and stretch him over and over again, let him go and he’ll retract back to his normal size and shape. You can even tie him in knots if you so wish. Stretch is great fun to play with a friend or on your own. Below you can see James and Nathan stretching their Stretch as far as he would go.

Mini Stretch Armstrong is one of 7 new mini stretch toys and is available to buy from Character Online for £10.99.

*we were sent this product for the purpose of this post*

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