#Styleistimeless – Helping My Mum Choose A New Outfit

Spring is here! Well, that’s what they tell me anyway! If you’d looked out of my windows earlier today you’d think we had woken up in late January – it was cold, blustery and hailing! But despite the horrible turn in the weather, both I and my mum have recently mentioned wanting to add a few extra outfits to our wardrobes. I have a few days and nights out planned including a trip to the theatre and the races so I’m looking for a couple of dresses, one for a casual dinner and relaxed night out and the other that is a strict dress code. My mum, on the other hand, wants clothes that are comfy and not too expensive and ones that she can wear on her planned holiday to Scotland in a couple of weeks time. Here is one of the outfit choices that my mum has been looking at. She has been looking at items that are lightweight, comfy and can be worn for more than one occasion. She has also said although money isn’t an important factor she’d still like keep each item to under £20 so that she has more money to spend on her travels.

Jeans – These women’s elasticated waist trousers from Chums are made from a stretch fabric. The jeans are priced from £18.99 a pair but if you buy two pairs they will be discounted by £2 a pair. They are comfortable to wear thanks to their elasticated waist and can be dressed up or down thanks their subtle diamante detail to back pockets. They would be perfect to wear whilst travelling, on a casual lunch/shopping trip or even for a night out if teamed up with a pair of heels. My mum isn’t a small lady so the fact they are available up to a size 20 would be great for her and they’re even available in three leg lengths – 25″, 27″, 29″ which is even better for her as she is on the short side too. 

Top – This is another item from Chums. It would be a lovely top to wear whilst on holiday. I’m sure my mum would wear it whilst at home too. It is available from £15 and up to a size 24.

Shoes – These are a bargain from Top Shop for only £10. it’s not a place my mum would normally shop but she loves wearing Ballet Pumps as they’re so comfortable and are light to pack in her case should she just want to take them with her to wear on a few occasions on holiday rather than for the whole time. They’d also look lovely with her new jeans.

As much as I love my mum going shopping with her often takes us ages – it’s so much nicer to be able to window shop from home with her – that way she can look at what she likes, order any items to her house and then send them back if she’s not happy instead of me waiting for hours and hours in changing rooms waiting for her to decide what she actually wants to buy.

*This is a collaborative post*

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