Half Term Hygge Fun

A little while ago we were asked to take part in a Half Term Hygge project from Plusnet. I had no idea what Hygge meant but I now know that it’s a Danish word for cosy living, appreciating everyday life by making the ordinary special and sharing experiences. To take part in the project we were sent a box of treats so that we could make our own den and enjoy some treats during a movie night – My Three and Me love a good movie night. 

Our box arrived at the right time as the weather has been so dire these past few days – our garden is so waterlogged I’m expecting to wake up one day to a family of ducks swimming in the puddle that was once my lawn.

The original plan was for all three boys to watch a film or two with me but Callum (11 going on 20) wanted to play on Xbox with his friends and Nathan was staying at his friends house overnight, James was so, so bored (his words not mine) as the weather has been horrible just lately so we decided that we would create our own den and enjoy a film together.

We made our den from a kingsize duvet cover, some pretty fairy lights, a star garland and lots of cushions. We used Daddy’s snooker cues to hold up the ends of our den (we placed them in some very well placed boots and fixed the ends with pegs to hold it in place) James said “his” den was a castle and only him and George (the school cuddly giraffe were allowed inside). He enjoyed popcorn, a hot chocolate and a cuddle with George whilst watching Minions and Despicable Me. 

What activities do you and your little ones do to keep occupied when the weather isn’t very nice?

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