Revitalising and Romantic Dates for Under £50

Going to the same restaurant or local again and again for date night? Routine can be comforting, but it certainly isn’t exciting! I know what you’re thinking – dates can be expensive and time-consuming, especially with little ones about. To that I say, get creative!

Dates can be a really fun way to get out and push yourself and your love into new spaces. You may be thinking how difficult it can feel to plan a proper date with a full schedule and a tight budget. Mix in a splash of creativity and you may just find yourself having the time of your life– all for under £50!

Here are a few of my favourite ideas. Don’t be afraid to imagine your own! Be creative!

1. Stargazing

There’s nothing better than cuddling up with your loved one under a dark night sky. Enjoy the cosmic quiet or let your conversation wander towards new horizons. Drop by Costa or Starbucks and have them fill a thermos with your favourite hot drink to keep you warm! (Hot chocolate works really well!) You can set the theme for the evening by building a romantic playlist (or sharing one that other users have built) on Spotify.

2. Volunteer Together

It might sound cheesy but for some couples, volunteering adds a perfect dash of meaningful connection and lasting goodness to their lives. When I think of a date, I think about enjoying some amazing food and drinks together or maybe seeing a movie or a show. However, volunteering for an organisation like Shelter.org shifts the focus from consuming together, to creating together. It often helps the mind appreciate what it already has, instead of being fixated on what it could get.

3. Island in the Park

Restaurants can be expensive… and predictable. Grab a blanket and head to your favourite park, or maybe even choose a new park you’ve always wanted to see. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of nature, people-watch, and enjoy the life happening all around you. Forget planning and shopping for the right picnic food. Instead, choose your favourite take-out meal and have it delivered to a picnic location of your choice! The perfect meal can leave your body and mind feeling amazing.

4. Art Museum

Art museums are quiet, calm, and fairly inexpensive. Slowly meander and enjoy the sights, sounds, and people who frequent art museums. Who knows what you’ll see! And don’t worry – conversation stems easily from good and bad art alike. Sometimes it just feels good to share an experience with your special lady or man, and what better place than The National Gallery or the more unusual Museum of Brands, Packaging or Advertising.

5. Fly a Kite

When is the last time you flew a kite? We forgot how thrilling and fun it is to feel the strong pull of the wind! Take the kids’ kite out of the garage and let nature entertain you for a while! Playing outside together does wonders for boosting your excitement and energy alongside your favourite person. Go to your local open-sky park, bring some snacks and you’ll be laughing with childlike wonder in no time!
6. Make an Amazing Meal

Some people have the luxury of time and space to cook great meals. Most of us, however, have to balance getting somewhat healthy food on the table with our tight schedules and tighter bank accounts. Take a night for yourself and dim the lights, put some music on and make a special meal from scratch. The process is surprisingly therapeutic (especially with a bit of wine!), and best of all, you’ll get to enjoy the final product together!

At the end of the day, a date is really all about spending quality time with your special person. Money or not, the real joy and nourishment come from the connection you share. Get excited, make some time, and go try something new!

*This is a collaborative post*

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