Our Games Night In

My Three love to play games it isn’t a secret, so when The Entertainer contacted us and asked if we wanted to have a “Games Night In” on them, we accepted immediately. We’ve had a really hectic and pretty miserable couple of weeks due to sickness bugs, coughs, colds and lots of school trips and festive fixtures that we’ve hardly had time to do anything fun together so this weekend we decided that we would make the most of it being reasonably quiet and have our Games Night In.

The Entertainer sent us everything we needed for our night in including popcorn, a Ferris Wheel full of sweets, medals and the Gooey Louie game to play. Along with Gooey Louie, we also played some of the games we already own including Monopoly Junior, Game of Life and Shhh Don’t Wake Dad.

Gooey Louie (£18) is such a fun game to play. It requires very little assembly. It is aimed at children aged 5 + and can be played with between 2 and 4 players (maybe more but I think that this is enough for everyone to get a few chances). Although the name of the game suggests that Louie’s bogies are gooey they really aren’t (phew for those mummies like me who hate anything remotely yukky). The boys loved the idea that they had to “pick” Louie’s nose – boys and gross stuff just go hand in hand don’t they! To play the game the youngest player goes first. Each player then takes it in turns to pull the bogies from Louie’s nose. The winner is the person who doesn’t manage to pull the attached bogie and pop Louie’s brains out. The game doesn’t require batteries and is perfect for quiet nights in as the only noise made is from the kids or when his brain pops out of his head. Each game is over really quickly but this is great for younger children as they won’t get bored half way through. For people like us with older children you can play more games and have an overall winner after so many games – the boys had a best of 10 game and a game that was made up of two rounds where the loser was eliminated after round one.

The Entertainer’s choice of snacks was a big hit with James, he loved the homemade popcorn and was so good at the game that he ended up as the overall winner – with both a chocolate coin medal and a stash of sweets that will keep him quiet for a little while, luckily for him I had postponed sweet day until today so that he could eat as many as he wanted at once ( the rest went away until next week’s sweet day – we were recommended by our dentist to just have sweets once a week but eat as many as we want all at once – luckily the boys aren’t greedy and only have a small bar of chocolate and a small bag of sweets each)


Having a family game night was something that My Three and Me really needed – it’s helped me realise that there’s more to life than stressing over silly things, deadlines and cleaning every minute of every day and it has made the boys remember that playing together can be fun and that there are more things to play with other than a games console or a tablet – we definitely need to do this kind of thing more often than we currently do – the boys are already planning for their next games night in for when their older brother visits us for Christmas.

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