Make Sure Your Pet Stays Safe This Christmas

As the owner of two dogs and a cat, Christmas can be a pretty stressful time for us and I’m sure we’re not alone – just like the boys we buy them a gift or two each and they usually get a gift from a few of our relatives too and of course they get to enjoy a special dinner of their own – all pet friendly of course.
We know that it’s important to limit the amount of treats they eat in a day and to make sure that they won’t be put in any danger by any of the Christmas presents, treats or decorations that we as a family receive / put out in the house at this time of the year, but we can’t be sure that they won’t sneak something they shouldn’t but we do have a plan in place should something happen and luckily for us our pets aren’t too inquisitive and don’t really go near the tree or the decorations but they have been known to try and pinch sweets and the treats we’ve left out for Santa in the past. But it seems not all pets are as behaved/restrained when it comes to the tempting and delicious things Christmas has to offer and some of them have even needed emergency treatment as a result – would you know what to do or who to call if your pet was suddenly taken ill over Christmas? If you answered no then don’t panic as Vets Now have created an emergency pet plan which owners can download for FREE to ensure heaven stays a place on earth for their furry friends – www.vets-now.com.

Yesterday, cats and dogs were treated to one night in ‘Pet Heaven’ by Vets Now, the out-of-hours emergency vet provider. The experience was created to help raise awareness of the increased danger pets face at Christmas.

If you were to ask my Pepper and Ziggy what their Christmas Heaven would be I’m sure they say lots of tasty meaty treats, squeaky toys and a game of fetch with a ball, Marley, on the other hand, would say a bowl of cat milk, a bag of Dreamies and a comfy chair near the radiator – he really is that easy to please and we never see him unless it’s feeding time or there’s and extra bit of fish or chicken being offered to him. 

Vets Now say they see a 41% increase in pet emergencies during the holidays and that one in two pet owners don’t have an emergency plan – this is quite scary as in an emergency minutes can be vital.

Did you know that a third of pet owners will experience an emergency over the Christmas period and that 9 in 10 poisonings happen while the pet is in its own home? 62% of Vets Now say that 62% of their cases are caused by pets eating novelty festive items. Did you also know that 5.5m dog owners unknowingly feed their pets harmful foods at Christmas – which brings me to my final bit of information for you, although not all things owners feed their pets they are the things that are the most harmful to your pets this Christmas…

The Top Ten Festive Hazards For Pets:

1. Chocolate – Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine – a bit like caffeine – that’s severely poisonous to cats and dogs

2. Mince Pies and Christmas PuddingsALL grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas are toxic to dogs, as are the foods that contain them

3. Blue Cheese – Contains a substance called Roquefortine C which dogs are extremely sensitive to

4. Tinsel – Dogs eat tinsel like we eat spaghetti. It can cause dangerous blockages in the stomach

5. Salt Dough Ornaments – The mix of flour and salt with water can cause a potentially fatal salt toxicosis if ingested by any pet

6. Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Ivy – All mildly toxic to both cats and dogs

7. Wrapping Paper – While toxicity is low, eating a large amount of paper could cause an obstruction in the stomach

8. Snow Globes – Imported versions can contain antifreeze. As little as one tablespoon can be fatal for a cat

9. Candles – Can burn the paws and curious noses of our furry friends. Their tails can also knock them over, which could mean (trouble for your) curtains

10. Alcohol – Can cause severe liver and brain damage. As little as one tablespoon can lead to problems for your cat or dog

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