Kinetic Sand Review

James has always loved playing on the beach when we visit our family in the summer months and he has always asked for Kinetic Sand to play with. I have never bought him it as the thought of sand getting everywhere in my house is just not appealing. Recently we were asked to review a Kinetic Sand set and I really did have my reservations about accepting the review or not.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1 play tray
  • 1 bag of sand
  • 3 molds
  • 1 spade / rake tool

I really like that the set has a sturdy play tray – when you empty the sand out into the tray you know that it has a place where it can safely be played with so it won’t end up all over the place. James loved that our sand was a pink colour (because apparently, that is mummy’s favourite colour). Each of the molds is shaped like sea creatures and sand castles – a great way to get children learning about the seaside too.


Kinetic Sand is made up of 98% sand and 2% polymers. This is what gives it it’s unique texture. It doesn’t stick to your hands like normal sand does and should any escape from the tray, it’s easy picked up either by hand or by using a bit of the sand rolled into a ball. The ingredients used in the sand means that it won’t solidify and it actually feels quite nice when it’s slipping through your fingers.


The set is recommended for children aged three and over but I think it would also be ok for younger children to play with so longs as they are supervised by an adult whilst playing with the product.

Despite my reservations ( I wish I had let James have other sets before now) we had lots of fun making castles and sea creatures in the sand. It is a lot easier to clean up than I had realised and the sand really didn’t leave the tray that much. James played with it for ages and he has asked for other molds so that he can make other things in the sand.

It’s available to buy on Amazon and Argos for £19.99. I think that’s a great price for a product that will have your child wanting to play with it over and over again. I also think it would make a lovely Christmas gift for younger children.

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