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Tracks of My Years – Vie Choufleur

This week’s Tracks of My Years is from the lovely Halina who blogs over at Vie Choufleur. She can be found over on both Twitter and Facebook.
So Halina, It’s over to you and The Tracks of Your Years…

Here are 10 songs (culled from a MUCH longer list) that could be the Tracks Of My Years. They are the songs that have formed the backdrop to my life and transport me instantly back to the times that they represent. It was hard to put this together because some of these are so personal. It’s always difficult to choose what level of honesty to aim for! Don’t judge me too much.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

I could easily have put Tighten Up here, but this song has the funnier story. It was released in the first year of my now husband and I living together, and we used to sit and watch the video and attempt to copy the bloke’s awesome dancing before nights out. The song formed the backbone of our wedding evening playlist, which I curated and dictated. The DJ went off-piste at midnight, thinking that we’d like some Take That playing. Advice to DJs: if a bride has given you a playlist, DON’T DEVIATE FROM THAT PLAYLIST. After he panicked and hurriedly switched off Take That, the only song that I could remember from the playlist (drunk) to be played as The Last Song was this one. It was perfect.

Take That – Rule The World

Look, I know I just dissed Take That in the last song. But this is different because this is one of my favourite songs EVER. It’s a great pop song. And more importantly, it was the song that my friend and I sang as we linked arms and walked down from the Roman Forum in November sunlight, absolutely drunk on history and magnificent sights and an amazing long weekend away. Magical.

Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone

One of the first songs that I ever remember hearing, this one. My mum and her friends were big fans of hard rock and heavy metal, and so I grew up knowing all the words to Guns ‘N’ Roses and Metallica songs. This was always my favourite, and the first song that I chose for my FIRST EVER OWN mixtape (aged 5) that my mum’s friends made for me. True love.

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

My excuse for this is that I was 15. Fifteen years old when this came out and I was OBSESSED with the song. I haven’t learned many dance routines in my life (HA, LIES!) but this one I knew by heart and showed it off at every opportunity because I was cool like that. Heck, I still am. I could crack this bad boy out at a second’s notice. Probably.

The Coral – Dreaming Of You

The entire soundtrack to my sixth form and early uni experience, in one song. What a tune. Not only does it make me want to dance Every. Single. Time. I hear it, it also reminds me of the countless people who I sang it whilst thinking about. Well, not countless. I wasn’t that bad. 4 or 5 at current counting, I reckon.

Ben Folds Five – Brick

I know I wasn’t the only teenager who liked to listen to miserable songs and feel miserable but HONESTLY. The sheer cumulative hours of my life that I must have wasted sitting alone, listening to this song, and having Feels. It will forever remind me of one man, one friend, and a whole chunk of time that I could’ve spent, y’know, reading or exercising or something.

Damien Rice – Cheers Darlin’

Should’ve titled this section “THE SADDENING”, right? I unashamedly adore Damien Rice and his entire back catalogue was my friend through some dark times. I still fall back on it every now and then, especially this song. This song was my heartbreak tune, and contains the lyric that probably remains my favourite to this day: What am I, darling? A whisper in your ear, a piece of your cake.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

Don’t worry, we’re going back to Upbeat now. This was my “moving into my own place by myself woo!” song. I honestly cannot credit living alone enough. It was the making of me. So much of my life pivots on the year 2010, and this song was the soundtrack to the lot.

Muse – Plug In Baby

My friends would find it bizarre if I didn’t include this song. Muse have been my favourite band since 2000, obsessively so at times. Historically this has been my favourite song of theirs. I imagine if I died this evening without having made any funeral arrangements, this is the song that the majority of people I know would choose to have played on my behalf.

Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You

I’m ending with this track. A song I used to find mildly charming in an amusing way, and now hate with a passion. A song I have probably heard, against my will, about 57,000 times. Why? Because my son, the centre of my universe, used to be obsessed with it. This was his first ever Favourite Song. He danced to it, he sang to it, he loved it. And I love him.

Thank you, Halina for sharing your tracks. There are some great songs in here – I think I say this every week but that’s because it’s true every week I get to see and share the songs that others love and that are special to them – it is great and I realise how many songs I actually love. If I were to redo my Tracks list I think there would be changes as there as some songs that people are bringing back to me that I had totally forgotten about. One song from Halina’s list is Dreaming of You by The Coral. This song was huge when I was at uni and was always a song everyone would dance to when out for student night and it was always playing in the Uni bar. Another song that I love is Rule the World (huge Take That fan here) and I hope it will be played somewhere at my wedding.

What do you think to Halina’s Tracks? If you’d like to share your list with us please get in touch.

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