How Well Do You Know Your Disney Movies?

Everyone I know loves a Disney movie, and what’s not to love, the characters, the stories and the soundtracks are so likeable and lots of fun. We definitely have our firm favourites here, for me, it has to be Beauty and the Beast – I was 9 years old when it was released and I thought it was magical – it still is and I am guilty of having watched it a fair few times in my adult years and I won’t lie and say that I won’t watch it again – I can’t wait for the new movie to be released in the new year and Christmas isn’t Christmas without at least 3 or 4 Disney films in the festive mix. The boys love pretty much any Disney film but especially Big Hero 6, Cars and Tarzan – I’m a huge Phil Collins fan and when his songs play in the car James is always the first to say that they’re from Tarzan. We both love to sing along to them, in fact, we love to sing along to the majority of the songs when we watch a Disney film… tell me you can resist a verse of Hakuna Matata from The Lion King or Let It Go when watching Frozen? No, I thought not….

If like us, you love a good old Disney film you might be interested in trying out the new Disney Quiz from I Just Love It, who are an online retailer specialising in personalised gifts, toys, accessories, sweets and even pet presents! 

I took the test with the boys and here is our result… some of the songs are very easy to match up to the correct film others are a little trickier.

If you enjoyed taking the quiz, I Just Love It love you to share your results via social media so that your friends, families can take part too. If you share and submit your score to the leader board, you’ll get a discount code which will come in handy if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet! 

So, do you know your Disney films and their soundtracks as well as you thought you did? How did you score on the quiz? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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