Stretch Scooby Doo Review

Recently My Three were sent a Stretch Scooby Doo to review. They were really excited to take him out of his packaging and see how far he really could be stretched.

Stretch Scooby Doo is a full sized action figure toy that can be stretched up to three times his normal size. You can stretch him out of shape, twist him and even tie him in a knot and once he is let go he will go back to his normal size and shape.

He is really easy to stretch – you simply pull his arms and legs.  You can stretch him on your own or with a friend, something which the boys loved to do together.

I really like that the toy looks exactly how Scooby Doo does in the cartoons – there are some shocking toy products around that claim to just like the real thing but look nothing like they should.

Stretch Scooby Doo (£19.99) would make a great present this Halloween instead of going trick or treating and I bet he will be on many Christmas wish lists this year.

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