Remote Control Thunderbird 2 Review

Thunderbirds Are Go… with the new remote control Thunderbird 2 toy from Air Hogs

My Three love trying out new toys so when they were recently asked to try it out they couldn’t wait to put it through its paces.

Thunderbirds are something my boys have recently discovered, James loves watching Thunderbirds Are Go on TV with his brothers and he loves that he now likes something that was really popular when his nana was younger – James asked how old are the Thunderbirds as according to him Nana is really old (sorry Mum) and that they made a brief comeback when my little brother was small (they seem to do well with the comebacks don’ they) so it’s no surprise that they are again making a comeback and proving very popular with children of all ages. I can see that the Thunderbirds Are Go toy range will be on many Christmas lists this year. 

Inside the box, you will find Thunderbird 2, a remote control, a USB charge cable and an instruction leaflet to help you out in case you have any troubles or concerns before using your new toy for the first time.

Thunderbird 2 is a remote controlled helicopter that features gyro-stabilization and has a power core which makes it easy to fly. It is designed to withstand crashes – which does happen from time to time and it requires 4 AA batteries (batteries not included) to work. Thunderbird 2 needs to be charged before flying. This is done by simply plugging the vehicle into the remote control or by using the provided USB charging wire. It doesn’t take long to charge ( it was about half an hour here) and this allowed us about 10 minutes flying time. 

When we first tried to fly Thunderbirds 2 we did have a little difficulty but this was more down to how we were using it rather than the helicopter not flying well. Once we re-read the instructions we found that the helicopter flew much better and the more we practised the better we got at flying the helicopter. As you can see from the picture below Nathan managed to get the helicopter quite high off the ground.

The remote control Thunderbird 2 is great fun to play with. It is recommended that you only use Thunderbirds 2 indoors but make sure that the room you are flying in is clear from items that may be damaged or broken if they are crashed into. It is suitable for children aged 8+ but I think that younger children can use it too so longs as they are helped by an adult. James only recently turned 7 and he managed to fly Thunderbird 2 reasonably successfully (although not as well as his brother).

I think this is a toy that will be very popular this Christmas with Thunderbirds fans both young and old.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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