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Tracks of My Years – Lindy Loves

This week’s Tracks of My Years is from the very lovely Lindy who blogs over at Lindy Loves. We’ve been friends for what seems like forever. She is my go-to girl for everything – blog problems, real life problems and she is awesome when it comes to calming my nerves when I start to worry about things that really don’t need worrying about. At the minute we are trying to encourage each other to exercise more and eat healthier (we’re not doing too badly either). We also send each other random youtube videos, spend far too much time procrastinating and chat way, way too much over facebook.
So, Lindy, it’s over to you and the Tracks of your Years….

When my friend Louise asked me to get involved in her ‘Tracks Of My Years’ series, I was really excited. I love listening to music I grew up enjoying and I love reminiscing about childhood memories. I still think music from my teen years was the best, but I guess everyone thinks that. I have put together a list of my favourite tracks from the past and a few more recent ones. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Aaron Carter – I’m Gonna Miss You Forever

Laugh all you want, because I’m laughing too! Aaron Carter was the Justin Bieber of the 90’s. I have to admit that listening to the track now I cringe a little at just how bad the singing is, but he was one of my first crushes and was hugely popular in the 90’s. It wasn’t just this song I liked either, there was ‘party girl’, ‘crush on you’ and ‘I want candy’ off the top of my head. Listening to these songs takes me right back and I have to admit I do still enjoy listening to them every now and again.

Steps – 5,6,7,8

Ah, all of the cheesy party songs of the 90’s. There were so many party songs I used to love dancing to and that were guaranteed to be played at parties, Barbie Girl, Macarena and later on the Fast Food Song. Those were the days, cheesy songs galore and I loved it.
The Rasmus – In The Shadows

I can’t really remember how I came about listening to The Rasmus, it could have been my school friend who introduced me to this. We both loved their music and went to see them in concert which was amazing as we managed to get to the front of the stage.

Sonata Arctica – Tallulah

This band was definitely introduced to me by my school friend. We used to listen to the band constantly during our late school/early college years. I think the songs are lovely, and the lyrics are really meaningful too. It’s not your typical song but nice to listen to all the same.

Amy Studt – Just A Little Girl

I really liked this song from Amy Studt and several of her other songs too, I still have her CD in the garage. I would listen to her songs in my bedroom after school and really enjoyed singing along to them too. I still like the songs today and will happily listen to them. I do wonder what happened to her though.

Pink – Just Like A Pill

Pink was one of my favourite artists during my early teen and teen years. I would listen to her songs over and over again and even went to see her in concert with my sister and best friend. Her songs always remind me of the amazing concert, and the fun we had travelling to Yorkshire to see her play and the laughs along the way. I still like Pink’s music now and love her recent song ‘Just Like Fire’. I would love to see her again in concert as she was amazing live.

Jessy – Dancing In The Dark

This track was on the Clubland 9 CD and I used to love listening to this song.  I also liked a few other songs from the album, including Cascada Everytime We Touch. The tracks were great to dance to and really upbeat, they remind me of my holiday to Scotland as we used to listen to a few from the album on repeat.

Snow – Informer

I know this one might seem completely random when you look at the other tracks, but this is a track which I listened to over, and over and over thanks to a friend who would play it all the time.  I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me and I wouldn’t turn the radio over if it came on. And, yes I do know all of the lyrics, just don’t ask me what they mean!

Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On

This song reminds me of a Summer spent by the river with my sister and friends enjoying the weather, music and our new found freedom and money from starting work. It’s a really upbeat, happy song that’s great to sing and dance to which we used to do all the time.

Lily Allen – LDN

This is another track I listened to mostly during the Summer it was released. It’s a song which always takes me back to times with my friends and sister when we would be getting ready to go out or it would be a track which would be played if friends were over for a small party.

Iglu & Hartly – In This City

This track was introduced to my by my brother who was listening to it a lot when he came to visit when I was living in Scotland. It has such a catchy tune, and soon I was listening to it over and over too.  Along with my mum and sisters.

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

You might be able to tell by now that I like a lot of pop songs, although there is a bit of a mixture in there, but pop and happy tunes are a favourite of mine. I loved this song as soon as it came out and its still on my playlist now.

So, that’s just a small selection of the music that I have loved listening to over the years. There’s so much more I would have loved to add, but I’d be here all year! I hope you enjoy listening to my selection, and I would love to know your favourite track of the 90’s?

And finally. Thank you to Louise for an afternoon of cheesy pop songs and happy memories 🙂

Thank you, Lindy, for taking the time to share with us your Tracks – there are some songs in there that I love and some I’ve never even heard of and some that I’ve forgotten how good they were – The Rasmus has now been added to my iTunes playlist. I believe it was you who introduced me to Rachel Platten and since then I haven’t stopped listening to her music. 

Lindy Loves can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think to Lindy’s Tracks? If you’d like to share the Tracks of Your Years with us please get in touch.

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