Stationery Checklist for Starting High School

Transitioning from junior school to high school is a massive step, there’s new teachers, new lessons, new pupils, a new uniform and a whole host of new rules that you must follow. It can be a very confusing time for a new starter. Callum starts high school this September and is one of only two pupils from his junior school who will be going to this high school so starting school for him is very daunting to start with without added worry. One big change for Callum is that he will be responsible for his own books and stationary items and will have to carry them with him every day. He didn’t realise that there were so many things he needed to take with him. 

If like us you have a new starter and are unsure what stationary items they might need, then worry no more as I have devised a list of some of the important stationary items that Callum needs for starting high school below:

  • Pencil Case* make sure they have something to put all their new stationery bits in – nobody wants their new stationery lost on the first day of school.
  • Pens – I used to love writing with a fountain pen*at school but sometimes it’s quicker to whip out a ball point pen instead
  • Pencils*& an Eraser*- a must have for all that design and artwork.
  • Pencil Sharpener*- for the above-mentioned pencils – a sharpener that collects your shavings is a great idea as it means you can sharpen your pencils whenever you need to with no mess.
  • Ruler* – foldable ruler is a great idea – there is nothing worse than having to measure something then measure again because you had to move your ruler along as it wasn’t long enough to do one whole measurement and it will fit in your pencil case without snapping.
  • Maths Set* – containing a compass, a small ruler ,• 45° & 60° Set squares, • 180° Protractor ,• 10mm Lettering stencil • Eraser & Sharpener •and a Timetable/fact sheet – this is a big change from junior school as although your child may have learnt a little about angles once they get to high school they start the “fun” work and need to work out things for themselves.
  • Scientific Calculator* – another big change is needing a calculator to complete some of your school work. 
  • Colouring Pencils 
  • Highlighters 
*We were sent products marked* from Mapped Helix for the purpose of this piece – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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