Buying School Shoes From Wynsors

Buying school shoes is something I don’t enjoy, so much so that I usually leave it until the last minute. There’s so much choice and it can often be hard to ensure that you get shoes that are the correct size for your child and it’s not just the size that you need to be aware of as depending on the style you may find that the shoes you or child chose are too big / too small around their heel, ankle and toes – it can be a minefield.

Recently My Three and Me were invited along to our local Wynsors store so that they could have their feet measured for a pair of school shoes each. We were greeted by friendly staff members who were very helpful. The staff members use a special board to get an accurate measurement of a child’s feet. Callum measured a size 5 (his feet are the same size as mine) and both James and Nathan’s feet measured up as a size 1. 
Once the boy’s feet had been measured they were asked to choose a pair of school shoes each. They could choose any they wanted. What I like about Wynsors is that there’s plenty of different styles of shoes to choose from. The lady explained how she would make sure that the boy’s shoes fitted properly and even though they might choose a pair they liked that they might not fit properly and would need to pick again depending on how tight they were. The video below explains how to make sure your child’s shoes fit properly. All the steps shown are exactly how the lady examined the boys in their shoes.

It took a little while for the boys to decide (as it always does) and even when they had narrowed their choices down to one or two pairs the fun began – in James’ case it was four pairs of shoes. The first pair he tried on were a size one. However, they were too big as they were too roomy and his feet slipped out of them when he walked – definitely not something you want to happen. The second pair fitted him nicely but were too tight on his toes so he needed something that was a little wider at the front but not around his ankles. After trying on two more pairs he found the perfect pair and they even light up when he runs. The lady who was fitting James’ shoes made sure that they weren’t too tight or too lose and that he had enough growing space for his toes at the front of the shoes. Finding Nathan shoes was a little easier but as he has the same size feet as James and his feet are skinnier than James’ he decided to go for the same shoes as James. Callum decided on some slip-on style shoes as he said they’d look neat and tidy with his new blazer and school trousers.

I really liked that Wynsors have helpful staff, no question or concern went unanswered and they were very patient whilst the boys decided which shoes they wanted to try on. Unlike other shoe stores, Wynsors really did make the task of choosing and fitting the boy’s school shoes an enjoyable task. We will certainly be going back again when they need more.

If your little one requires trainers and school bags Wynsors also have a wide range of both available in store and online so you can do all your back to school footwear shop in one place.

*We were invited along to our local store for a free shoe fitting, the boys each received a pair of shoes for the purpose of this post – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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