The SAT’s Results Are In….

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the then upcoming SAT’s tests for Callum and James. I wrote about my worries for the boys and their peers and how unfair the tests would be to them as they hadn’t had long enough to prepare for them. I signed a petition and shared it in the hope that this year’s tests would be scrapped. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the children sat the tests as required. Many of the children were stressed about them and I know that Callum was certainly feeling frazzled by all the revision and new work that they were cramming in to stand a chance at passing the tests.

Last week all the results were released and we received Callum’s results Friday after school. You can see for yourselves how he did- I think he did great and he knows just how proud of him we are. He tried hard and his results show this.

The letter also shows the national results as a whole too. Provisionally, only 53% of children who sat the end of KS2 tests reached the expected standard in reading, writing and maths – clearly something is amiss and I bet there are a lot of children who feel like they have failed. If there are parents with children who got results that showed they didn’t reach the expected standard I want you to know that these results are not the be all and end all. I want them to know that they have been let down by a government who know nothing about teaching or our children because if they did they wouldn’t have imposed these ridiculous standards that even GCSE, A level students and higher educated people (including myself with 9 GSCES, 4 A levels, 1 AS level and a 2:1 degree) found difficult to understand and answer. I want them to know that I and many others tried to have this year’s exams scrapped and that we are still trying to get them to not use this year’s results as they can’t be compared to anything that came before them or that will come after.

I was happy to see our school made a point of making sure our children know how proud they are of them – that they have made excellent progress in all areas and even if the test results do not show this they have seen that the progress was made. I hope all schools have done the same with their pupils.

We won’t find out James’ results for a few days and although I don’t know the results at the minute no matter what they show he will know that we are as proud of him  as we are of Callum – so longs all our boys try their best then we are happy parents. We will tell him that we are proud of the massive progress he has made during this year at school because although his results probably won’t show that he has progressed as he should academically he started year two as a little boy who couldn’t read or write very well and will leave a little boy who can read and write so much better than he could a year ago – to me that is what education should be about. My Three enjoy school and I always want them to feel that way, not like a failure for not reaching the “National Standard”

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