How We Tried To #EnjoyMoreWater

In January, Robinsons launched their Enjoying Drinking More Water campaign as they wanted to get Brits to enjoy drinking more water. I know first hand that it can be a struggle to get My Three to drink enough water on a daily basis, they don’t dislike it they just don’t like it that much either. When I was told that two out three (64%) parents said they do not know how much water their children should be drinking each day, and 42% said their children find the taste of water ‘boring’, I wasn’t surprised. 

We were recently asked to join in with the challenge by Britmums to show how we make drinking water more interesting. We were sent 6 different Robinson’s juices to try. 

The boys liked them all but really liked the Citrus flavoured juice, I on the other hand love the Orange and Peach flavour.

As the weather has been nice recently we thought that we’d make our own slush to enjoy in the garden. Making Slush takes literally minutes if you have a juicer / blender – it tastes great and you can add any flavour you want. It’s best to use ice that has been left out of the freezer for a little while as it makes better slush – yes there is such a thing. When Summer really arrives the boys will be making their own slush using their Mr Frosty. 

Other ways to get the kids drinking more water include:

  • Giving them their drink in a funky cup or with a straw – when My Three were toddlers they loved curly straws to drink their juice.
  • Add ice cubes to their juice – it will keep their juice cool and once melted give them a little extra water in their cup.
  • Make flavoured Ice Lollies – you can buy many different shaped moulds to make fun shaped lollies

How do you get your little ones to drink more water?

“This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons” 

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