Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanut Movie Review

Today is the first day of half term, so My Three and Me decided to kick start the holidays with a movie day. We were recently sent a Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanut Movie DVD and couldn’t wait to watch it.

When I was a little girl I loved watching Charlie Brown and Snoopy with my brother and sister – we were always entertained by their antics. When I heard that Charlie Brown was making a comeback in his first feature film I was worried that the Charlie Brown that I knew and loved as a little girl would be lost in modern day life but I needn’t have worried as Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang as just as they were all those years ago and I love the film for that exact reason – why change something when it isn’t broken right? There have been many cartoons from my childhood that have recently had a modern makeover and have been ruined as a result. Although I liked Charlie Brown I have to say that Linus was and still is my favourite character. I’m not sure why but it was maybe to do with the fact that as a child I sucked my thumb and although I didn’t have a security blanket I did have a favourite cushion cover.

The movie features Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the Peanuts Gang – whilst unlucky in love (and life) Charlie Brown is trying hard (but failing in everything he does) to impress the new red-haired girl in his class, his dog Snoopy is imagining an adventure of his own trying to rescue the love of his life, Fifi, whilst trying to outwit his nemesis The Red Baron. 

My Three loved the film and so did I, there’s no crude innuendos or violence to worry about and there are plenty of times where you really want Charlie Brown to come out on top. I love that the story has a moral – one to never give up no matter how hard things may seem and that you should always try your best as you never know when the stars will shine in your favour. 

 The boys were engrossed in the film 

This is definitely a feel-good film and one that the whole family can enjoy whether they are old or young. There is plenty of laughable moments. One of our favourites is when Charlie Brown is trying to fly his kite and he messes it up in spectacular style. My personal favourite scene was watching Charlie Brown learning to dance. I love the song by Meghan Trainor “Better When I’m Dancing” that is featured in the film – you can’t help but sing along as it has such a catchy tune to it. The DVD has a number of special features and the music video, lyrics and a look behind the scenes too. 

The Peanut Movie is released on DVD on 30th May in the UK by Twentieth Century Fox. For more Snoopy filled fun and games check out the Snoopy and Charlie Brown website. Here you will find more information about the characters, games, posters and you can even Peautize yourself – here is me with Snoopy – I Love It!

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