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My Three love jigsaw puzzles. They were recently sent two new puzzles from Ravensburger to complete and they loved them both.  You can see what they thought to both the Friendly Frogs and My First Pets puzzles below.

Friendly Frogs

The Friendly Frogs jigsaw puzzle (rrp £9.99) will definitely provide hours of fun and is designed to keep you entertained for a while. The puzzle is a lifelike and accurate illustration by British artist Howard Robinson. It features a picture of 15 frogs on a background of green patterned leaves and yellow flowers. It provided us with a few challenges as there were lots of different pieces to match up, but it was also a lot of fun to complete.

The puzzle is made up of 300 pieces and measures 49 x 36cm when complete. I like that the puzzle pieces are small enough to be a challenge to complete but big enough for small hands to hold easily.


This is a wonderful puzzle for anyone interested in wildlife or those who like a bit of a challenge. It’s aimed at children aged 9+, but can be enjoyed by all the family as younger members would be ok with some help from a grown up.

My First Pets

My First Pets (£7.99) is a jigsaw puzzle suitable for children aged 8 and over. It features a hedgehog, budgie, guinea pig, kitten, chinchilla, goldfish, pony, rabbit, terrapin, and hamster. Each of the animals featured was photographed by British wildlife photographer Greg Cuddiford.
The boys had lots of fun creating this puzzle. They worked together as a team to find the edge pieces and then each of the different animal segments.
The puzzle is made up of 200 pieces. The pieces are quite large so are great for small hands or those who prefer puzzles with larger pieces. 
Every Ravensburger puzzle is made from high-quality board with linen finish print to prevent glare. We would highly recommend these puzzles, they were fun to complete and kept us all entertained for a little while, it taught the boys teamwork and they were really proud of the end results.

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