I’m all for change when it’s for the greater good. But there’s an old saying along the lines of “if it isn’t broke…. don’t fix it” and that’s exactly how I feel about the new assessment framework that has recently been introduced in primary schools up and down the country. I get the feeling that some government officials got together over a bottle or two of wine and decided what they thought would be best for our children without a second thought for them at all. 

According to the Cancel the end of Key Stage 2 SATs Petition….

Children currently in Year 6, whom have only had a diet of the new curriculum for 2 years will be tested on this in SATs tests in May as if they have been taught this new curriculum for the whole of their primary school life. 
The expected standard that all 10 and 11 year olds have to achieve is now wildly out of reach for most children with many topics being brought down from the secondary curriculum. 
The tests will be pass/fail with the goalposts potentially changing again next year“.

As I said, I’m all for change and think that if change is needed, introduce it gradually so that children who are sitting their SATs next year or the year after are up to date with the assessment criteria and can be taught it, it is not fair that the teachers and children who are currently in year 6 have been given just three months notice – how is that fair to the children who are due to sit their SATs soon – the answer is it isn’t. They are expected to be at a standard that 12 – 13-year-olds are currently working at again how is that possible, again the answer is it isn’t. I feel that the government are setting our children up to fail and this is not on, not at all. 

My eldest son is in year 6 and my youngest is in year 2 both will have to sit SATs this summer and I for one am not happy with this. At parents evening, last night – where we were told all three boys are doing great and although they have areas to improve overall there were no concerns. This is what any parent wants to hear at parent’s evening. But with this new system in place, it is going to cause a lot of upset as many of the children are simply not working at the level the government think they should be. 

We were told how my eldest is working above and beyond in both maths and his reading but that he struggles with his handwriting. As the new assessment stands if he is to fail any element in the “working towards” criteria it won’t matter if he meets all the criteria in the “expected” and “great depth within the expected criteria” this wouldn’t mean a thing at all as he hadn’t passed the working towards criteria and the thing that really annoys me with this is he could fail by simply failing to put a full stop in the correct place or a capital letter – something which could easily be missed when rushing a piece of work. This isn’t teaching and this certainly isn’t showing you what a child can do or what they are capable of. If your child fails then they will be marked as working at a year two level – which is just not the case.

The system is flawed and this year’s pupils should not have to sit their SATs based on this new framework. 

I have signed the petition to cancel SATs this year, I hope you will too. 

If you’re a parent who has a child in year 2 or 6 at school I would love to hear what you think about the new changes and how you think they may or may not affect your child.

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