Our Favourite Easter Chocolate Treats

My Three love Easter as it means chocolate and lots of it. They aren’t greedy and usually have chocolate for weeks after the main event.

Here are our favourite chocolate treats of 2016. We hope you like them and if you’ve still to buy your family and friends Easter treats we hope we’ve given you a few ideas.

1. Cadbury has recently introduced an eggcellent new range of chocolate treats just in time for Easter. It includes a hollow Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny (available in a range of sizes and starting at £1.49), Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Minis (£1.49) and the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Decorate Egg (£3.99). Chocolate lovers are able to get creative and personalise their chocolate treats. Their Easter range also sees the return of some firm family favourites including Creme Eggs (available in single, 5 and 12 packs from 58p), Mini Eggs (from 99p), Egg ‘n’ Spoon (£3.99 for a pack of 4), medium sized Easter eggs (available with different treats, from £1.85 – £3.49) and large Easter Eggs (available with different treats, from £8.15).

2. For those who like a little twist with their Easter chocolate Monty Bojangles have just the chocolate eggs for you. Their Scrumple Nutty Truffle and Berry Bubbly Truffle Easter Eggs (£6.00 each) contain delicious hollow milk chocolate truffle Easter eggs that sit on top of a collection of individual truffles. Their eggs are made from creamy Belgian milk chocolate and comes with a selection of cocoa dusted truffles. Perfect to eat alone or share with a loved one.

3. Ferrero never disappoint when it comes to indulgent chocolate treats. This Easter their range includes their Ferrero Rocher Bunny (£5.97). This cute bunny-shaped box of delights is filled with classic Ferrero Rocher treats, making it the perfect way to celebrate Easter. Whether you choose to share the delicious Ferrero Rochers with family and friends or save them all for yourself, this Ferrero Rocher bunny is a must-have gift this spring. If you like your treats on the large side then the Grand Ferrero Rocher (£5.24) is the perfect Easter treat for you. The deliciously thick, hazelnut speckled chocolate shell, comes with two classic Ferrero Rochers hidden inside, all wrapped in the classic gold foil.

4. Easter is a time where the majority of us eat a lot of chocolate but if you’re one of the many who have to avoid dairy, egg, nuts or gluten or need to limit sugar intake it can be a very miserable time of year. But thanks to Holland and Barrett and their huge range of free from foods you no longer need to worry. Their Easter treats don’t compromise on taste or quality and are perfect for those who have to avoid dairy, gluten and nuts. They include the following:

  • Holland and Barrett Dairy Free egg £3.99 – a delicious, organic, Fairtrade milky chocolate Easter egg 
  • Plamil Organic Dairy Half Eggs £5.99 – A handy pack of organic Fairtrade dairy free milky chocolate half eggs.
  • Plamil Dairy Free egg £3.99 – The eggs are organic and Fairtrade.
  • Plamil Organic Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Alternative Bunny £1.29 – It’s organic, Fairtrade and vegan.
  • Cocoa Libre Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Alternative Chicks £4.69 – These 10 cute, tasty treats are made with rice milk as a creamy alternative to dairy. They are suitable for vegans and coeliacs. 

5. For those of you who like something a little bit different how about a filled Easter Egg? Scandikitchen specialise in Scandanavian foods and this Easter they have a traditional Scandanavian treat available. You can choose between a 15cm or 18cm beautifully decorated ‘egg’ shell packed with loads of Scandinavian pick ‘n’ mix goodies. The eggs contain approximately 375-400g of pick ‘n’ mix sweets (content may vary). This is a brilliant alternative to chocolate Easter eggs – a very traditional Easter gift in Scandinavia (especially Sweden) and a lovely keepsake that can be used time and time again.

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