Five Things You Need For An Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are a popular activity over the Easter holidays. We often go to locally organised events but we also like to host our own hunt for the boys, their cousins and their school friends. An egg hunt is easy to organise and set up but just in case you need some help here are my five must-haves to host the perfect Easter egg hunt.

  • A backup location – The best place for an egg hunt is obviously outside and if the sun is shining there is no better place and is sure to be lots of fun but if it’s wet and windy the last thing anyone wants to be doing is finding eggs outside, so make sure you have a backup plan. A couple of years ago My Three had an egg hunt that took place inside our home, the Easter Bunny hid eggs under beds, behind cushions, on window sills and behind curtains – they were finding eggs for days as they had been so well hidden.
  • Wellies – the weather although getting nicer is still very unpredictable and if it’s rained the night before nobody wants wet feet whilst they’re on an egg hunt. I love the child’s rain boots from Bogs (£35). They have different designs to choose from and are perfect for stomping through muddy puddles and wet grass. They have easy to pull on handles (even the adult boots have them) making them ideal for little ones who struggle to pull their boots on.
  • Decorations and clues – Every egg hunt needs decorations and, of course, directions so that those taking part can find the delicious chocolate treasures. Sainsbury’s has a wide selection of  decorations that can be used both in and outside, these include birds nests, fake eggs and signs that can be placed around to make sure the hunters know which way to head towards.
  • A basket –  of course, every egg hunter needs something to put all those hard earned eggs in and this lovely wooden basket from Sainsbury’s would do just the job. It’s cute and big enough to keep lots of eggs inside.
  • Prizes and chocolate eggs – Probably the most important thing for any egg hunt – the delicious bounty for hunters to try and find. There are two ways you could hand out prizes in an egg hunt. You can hide mini eggs for the hunters to seek out and keep (Cadbury Egg Hunt pack (£5.00) is perfect for this) or you could send them off on a treasure hunt to find clues that have little chocolate eggs along the way but leads to a big prize at the end. You could use a chocolate bunny / an Easter egg as the big prize. I would highly recommend that any little egg is hidden inside a plastic egg so that they won’t get damaged or possibly eaten and if the ground is slightly damp the eggs won’t be ruined. These Polka Dots eggs from Asda (£2.99 for a pack of 12) are perfect for just this, they could also be used alone and the hunter who brings back the most eggs could win a prize. There is no right way to host an egg hunt – whichever way works for you is always going to be the best. 

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