Alternative Easter Gifts For Children

Although Easter for children is predominantly about chocolate My Three are often given a little money each from relatives and / or bought a gift instead of a chocolate egg.

Here are a few gift ideas if you’re looking to buy a gift instead of chocolate this Easter.

1. The Big Book of Bugs (£12.95) by Yuval Zommer
An ‘insectopedia’, that is beautifully illustrated and aimed at children aged 4 and over. The Big Book of Bugs is arranged bug-by-bug – readers can learn about beetles, ladybirds, moths, ants, bees, dragonflies, stick insects, spiders and more. They will also learn which bugs like to come out at night, which bugs live in the garden, and which bugs even live inside a house. 

2. Megalopolis and The Visitor from Outer Space (£14.95) by Cléa Dieudonné 
Megalopolis is an innovative book for children aged 5 +.  Megalopolis different to other story books as it unfolds to a length of 3 metres. It tells the story of a little alien’s visit to a beautiful imaginary city, and his adventures with its fun-loving inhabitants. 

3. My Stencil Kit (£14.95) by Hervé Tullet
My Stencil Kit is a fantastic way for pre-school and school-aged children to discover the joys of drawing. The stencils allow children to quickly master the basics of line, colour and shape, and develop their understanding of symbols and their representations. The kit includes six durable stencil templates and an artpad full of Herve’s own designs. It’s a great way for children aged 5+ to increase their confidence in drawing. The stencils range from flowers, grass and trees to mountains, suns and streams, to cars, rockets and planes to giraffes, roosters, snails, and more.

4. Guinness World Records 2016 Blockbusters (£10.00)
The Guinness World Records 2016 Blockbusters is filled with exciting Top 10 features, fascinating Fact Files and engaging infographics and quizzes. Chapters include – Movies, Comics & Books, Music, TV, Toys and Technology. There are nine record-breaking challenges to try at home including Selfies, Book Dominos, Star Wars Lego building and Guitar Hero. The book is aimed at children aged 4 – 8 years old.

1. Project Mc2 is a popular TV programme exclusive to Netflix. Project Mc2 is aimed at tween girls. McKeyla from Project Mc2 is a writer, hipster and undercover spy. When she’s not journaling, she’s probably reading a book, performing tricks, or trying to save the world. The McKeyla Doll (£14.99) is dressed in a cool outfit that reflects her personality and individual style. She stands 11.75 inches tall and is aimed at children aged 6+. 
2. For toddlers how about a BABY born First Love Hold My Hands Doll (£18.00). The doll is dressed in a velvety purple romper suit with hood, her body, hands and even the back of her head is soft and cuddly, making her the perfect toy for cuddling and snuggling. The doll is suitable for babies from 12 months. If you press the dolls hands together it will sing a lullaby, if you press the heart on the doll’s romper suit a lullaby will start playing – perfect for soothing any little one to sleep. It requires batteries, but these are included.
3. The LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set costs £6.99 and is available exclusively from Tesco. The set comprises of a little kitchen, two minifigures who paint Easter eggs with the artist’s palette and paintbrush. The kitchen has an oven, stove, pot, table, coffee machine, egg cups and eggs. There’s even a hen who sits in the little garden. This a lovely gift and would be perfect for to add to any LEGO fans collection. 
4. Lalaloopsy Minis Peanut Big Top Style ‘n’ Swap (£10) would make a lovely alternative Easter gift. The Style ‘n Swap doll comes with 10 pieces and includes different wigs, fashion items and shoes. You can customise her look for endless ways to mix and match and change the way she looks. This set would be a great gift for any Lalaloopsy fan aged four and over. 
5. Bratz fans will love Sasha’s sweet style 2-piece outfit. It features a satin top paired with a big layered red skirt and a gold bow accent. She is 27cm doll’s and is suitable for Bratz fans aged five and up. She also comes with heart earrings, a candy bow necklace, sprinkles hair bow and a candy cross-body bag.
6. The Leapfrog LeapReader (£39.99) is ideal for helping children learn to read, write and practice their listening skills. Simply touch the pen to LeapReader books to hear the words read aloud and sound out the words or use the special no- mess paper to practise letters, numbers and words with stroke-by-stroke guidance. LeapReader also plays vocabulary building games, and the fun character voices, sound effects and activities all help with comprehension skills. LeapFrog has a library of over 150 interactive books, writing activities, audio books, songs, and trivia challenges. Many of the Leapfrog Tag books are compatible with LeapReader too. The LeapReader is the ideal system that will keep children learning and having fun at every reading stage.
7. Easter isn’t Easter without a visit from the Easter Bunny. So why not play the Bunny Jump game (£19.99). The box contains a burrow, a jumping rabbit, 12 carrots, a spinner, 4 coloured baskets and one set of rules. The aim of the game is to catch bunny when he randomly jumps from his burrow to protect the carrots growing in his garden. Players take turns to spin the dial and extract the carrots from the ‘field’ but no one knows when Bunny will jump, when he does, he jumps in the air, the first one to catch it gains extra carrots to help win the game. The player who collects the most carrots wins. Bunny Jump is designed to be played with 2 or more player and is suitable for children aged 4+.
8. My First Baby Annabell (£15.00) comes with a bottle and an adorable outfit. The romper has a cute lamb print and adorable bow. The cut, fit and fastenings are designed so even the smallest of hands are able to put the romper on and take it off easily – perfect to help little ones with their fine motor skills. Baby Annabell is 36 cm and has a soft doll body making her the perfect gift for little ones. The doll encourages children from the age of one to engage in role play. She would make a lovely gift this Easter.
9. Golden Bear’s Fun Sounds Chickedy and Chick (£9.99 each) are the perfect gifts for Twirlywoo fans this Easter. Chickedy and Chick are the cutest and smallest members of the Twirlywoos family. These adorable talking soft toys bring the TV characters to life. They are super-soft and cuddly and little ones will love to hear Chickedy and Chick say their signature phrases. The sounds are activated when the characters’ tummies are squeezed.

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