My Top 10 Music Albums

A couple of days ago I read a post from the very lovely Our Rach. After reading her post – Top 10: Music Albums, I started to think about  my own taste in music and the songs that I love and the albums they came from. Music is one of my loves in life. I love nothing better than singing along to the radio in the car or in the shower, I’ve been known to play a song over and over until everyone is sick of hearing it and I love nothing better than being able to sit in the garden in summer with a good book and music playing in the background.

Below are my top 10 albums – you may just be surprised by my choices then again if you know me well enough maybe you won’t be all that surprised by them.

Disclaimer * Some of the albums / songs mentioned below are very cringeworthy – you have been warned*.

10. Take That – Take That and Party
Yes, I know this is probably one of the most cringeworthy albums out there but what can I say – Take That arrived on the music scene and stole my heart. They arrived at a time when I was just starting to take an interest in boys and let’s face it they were good looking boys back in the day – well Gary Barlow (everyone has their favourite member don’t they?) was in my eyes. I was definitely a Teeny Bopper in my youth and as much as I hate to admit it I will always love boybands – I’m a sucker for a good looking bunch of lads and their ballads.

Favourite Song – A Million Love Songs

9. Westlife – Coast to Coast
Again another of my boyband loves and I am not ashamed to admit it. But these boys came along many years after Take That arrived on the scene. I love that their album is a mixture of ballads and upbeat pop songs. When this album was released I was a teenager / nearly 20-year-old – very interested in boys and loved dancing to cheesy pop music in clubs – I still do anything – 80’s, 90’s and 00’s just say the word and I’m there – you’ll find me on the dance floor doing my thing…

Favourite Song – When You’re Looking Like That

8. Ronan Keating – Ronan
I loved Ronan in Boyzone (yep again it’s the boyband thing) but when he went solo his music changed a little – well I thought so anyway. This is an album that just makes me believe in love – how you want to fall in love with someone and you want them to serenade you with love songs, that’s how I feel when I hear these songs – yep I’m a hopeless romantic at times too.

Favourite Song – The Way You Make Me Feel

7. Stereophonics – Performance and Cocktails
This album was introduced to me by a friend. We were in year 11 at school, doing our GCSE’s and I was stressed. He said I’d love it and that the songs would help me to relax and maybe help with my studying and he wasn’t wrong. I love Kelly Jones’ voice, any lyrics he sings just sound so silky and smooth no matter what he’s singing. Still one of my favourite bands now and I’m still trying to get to see them live. 

Favourite Song – Hurry Up and Wait

6. Elvis Prestley – The 50 Greatest Love Songs
An artist I have to thank my mum and Nana for. His voice, oh his voice. There aren’t many Elvis songs I don’t like so I chose an album that has a lot of his songs on it and one that I have listened to many times over the years. My mum used to sing Elvis songs to my little brother when he was a baby (there’s 14 years between us) and I used to sing them to my boys when they were newborns. I still sing to them now when they’re feeling poorly and wanting mummy hugs.

Favourite Song – The Wonder of You

5.Ocean Colour Scene – Moseley Shoals
An album that takes me back to being in school and trying to find something that my little sister didn’t like. I literally heard a song from this album and thought it was ok – she hated it so that was my cue to playing songs whenever she came into our shared bedroom – you may think I was a bit of a brat back then but she used to “borrow” and never return my makeup, my clothes and my music. She didn’t again – point proven hahaha – and this CD had some very good songs on it too and became the start of my love for many bands from the BritPop era.

Favourite Song – The Day We Caught The Train

4. Pink – Funhouse
Pink has always been one of my favourite female artists. I love her woman are doing it for themselves / can do it just as good as the blokes attitude. Her live performances are epic and I really hope she tours again soon. Funhouse is an album filled with heartache and songs of a F**k You nature – we all have at least one time in our lives where we can relate to the things she sings about on this album – troubled relationships / clinging to a relationship that isn’t going anywhere but not wanting it to end. This is the album I listen to when I hate the world. I play So What and Sober LOUD and sing along – it makes me feel so much better. I have also had moments when I go all air vocalist and sing to my hairbrush in the mirror – I’m not ashamed to say this.

Favourite Song – Glitter In The Air

3. UB40 – Labour of Love 
I get my love of UB40 from my mum. We used to listen to the songs all the time at home or in the car. I remember seeing the band live 10 years ago (before they split and became two different UB40’s!!) it was one of the best concerts I have been to and they sounded just as good live as they do on a CD. I have to say that choosing just one song from this album was hard as I like all most all of the songs on it.

Favourite Song – Red Red Wine

2. Matchbox Twenty – Mad Season
I first heard Matchbox Twenty when I was 16 and in school / just starting college. I loved them then but it wasn’t until after I had my heart broken by my first proper boyfriend (we were together 2 years) and actually listened to song lyrics that I realised what a genius Rob Thomas was (and still is – he’s still pretty hot too all these years later). It was so hard to choose just one song from this album as there is more than one song on here that I like, but this is an album / song that brings back the memories of being in love and having your heart broken for the first time. 

Favourite Song – Leave

1. Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms
Again another group I grew up listening to thanks to my parents but, this time, my Dad. When I was growing up he was the young dad in our friends circle and I thought this was cool until I reached my teenage years and he was listening to and enjoying the music I did- not cool Daddy, not cool…. But there’s something about Mark Knopfler and his amazing guitar skills that I just can’t get enough of. This album is truly amazing and every song on there is brilliant and no two songs sound the same.

Favourite Song – Your Latest Trick

This was a really hard post for me to write – if you’d asked me yesterday or were to ask me tomorrow what my 10 albums are I would most probably change my mind. My taste in music is very much eclectic and I like that. I could never pinpoint myself to liking just one type of music – Why limit yourself to just one when there’s so much variety out there that you might actually love.

There are so many more albums I could mention, many more bands I could choose, multiple albums by bands / artists and my list would go on and on. As I said before I just love music and never get tired of listening to it and I find it a kind of therapy – if I need to cry I know I can easily find a sad song that will have me welling up. If I want a song to cheer me up then I can find one of those too. 

What are your top 10 albums? Are you surprised to see what made my list?

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