Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB Smart FreeviewPlay HD Recorder Review

Panasonic is a brand known for stylish, good quality and easy to use products. They have been in business longer than many other technology companies and are still going strong. Recently we were sent a Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB Smart FreeviewPlay HD Recorder to review.

As soon as it arrived I knew that the person who would get the most use from this product would be my dad, so we took it to his house to set it up for him. When taking the recorder out of the box, I immediately noticed that it looked sleek and stylish and that it would fit in well with most, if not all modern homes. Don’t be deceived by its compact size as it has a huge range of features.


The recorder comes with an instruction manual and a remote control. The instructions were set out clearly and showed you how to set the recorder up. Installation of the box takes less than 5 minutes and all the instructions for setting up the internet and channels comes up on the screen as you go along with the process.



The main features of the Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB are:

  • Built-in Wifi – Easy to connect to the Internet so that you can watch catch up TV, TV Anywhere, streaming apps and much more.
  • Freeview HD – You can watch over 50 TV Channels, and listen to 24 digital radio channels. Because the box is HD you can also watch 10 HD Channels including, ITV 1HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC One HD and BBC Two HD.
  • Freeview Play – This clever little box allows you to scroll back through the last seven days of the all the shows that have been on TV, you can select any of the shows to stream over the internet – this is great for catching up on things that you may have missed.
  • Twin HD tuner – This means that you can record two different programmes at once so there’s no need to worry about missing anything when two programmes start/run at the same time.
  • 500GB built-in hard drive – This massive amount of storage space means that you can save up to 341 hours of HD recording – think of all the TV programmes you can keep stored on that…
  • 4K qualities – 4K is the latest in HD technology.  It basically means that the picture quality is four times the detail of a high-definition picture via a USB connection. You can also view 4K video recordings to an SD card by Panasonic LUMIX cameras and camcorders.
  • TV Anywhere – Allows you to watch TV programmes anywhere you want so longs as you are connected to the internet. The recorder can send recordings and live TV broadcasts to Smartphones or tablets outside the home, meaning you can literally watch TV Anywhere – perfect for catching up with your soaps whilst on the go.
  • Internet apps – Because the box has an Internet connection there is a huge range of apps available to you. You can watch video and music streaming from services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Once set up the box is simple to navigate and you can find all your favourite TV programmes by looking at the TV Guide. The guide is set out so that channels are easily found and recording your shows is as simple as pressing a button.


The Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB would be a good investment for someone who is always on the go or for someone who doesn’t want to pay for a monthly TV subscription such as Sky or Virgin Media. What I personally like is that the recorder is much more than just a Freeview player. Being able to watch a programme whilst recording another, being able to pause, rewind and record live TV, watch TV whilst on the go and stream from Netflix are things that appeal to me especially when we are out and about with the boys.

Would I recommend the recorder to other people – Most definitely. It is user-friendly even for those who don’t like modern technology. Even my dad loves the recorder and I was almost certain that he’d hate it. He was initially wary of it but after being able to get used to the buttons on the remote, you would think he’s had it years. It’s easy to use and he loves that the menus are so easy to navigate through. Even if he gets something wrong he can easily find his way back and find what he wanted in the first place. If you were to ask my dad to describe himself in one word he would say he was a dinosaur. Although he is only coming up to being 50 this year he hates technology with a passion as you can see from the picture below he still has a VCR and still regularly watches tapes (yes he is that far behind with the times. With a little push (ok a shove) he has advanced and he is actually surprised that such a little box can do so many things including record programmes whilst he watches another one.

The Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB Smart FreeviewPlay HD Recorder is available from all good electrical retailers both instore and online for around £200.

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