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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Thank you to both Lindy Loves and Baba a Fi for joining in with last week’s Flashback Friday. As you all know we recently welcomed Marley ( formally known as Molly into our home a couple of weeks ago so I loved that Lindy shared a post about her cat Rua – she is a real mischief maker.
This week’s Flashback is a picture that I had forgotten we’d even taken – you know the on this day thing that Facebook has that brings up old statuses and pictures from the years gone by well I only found it last week by clicking the “look at your memories” under a friends picture that they’d shared and yes I cringed at my moany statuses but to be fair they were mainly filled with “Louise is sick of feeling sick”, “Louise hopes the boys are better soon” etc etc so this week in January is cleary a rubbish week as we’re all full of cold and sore throats.
This is a picture of James in his baby bouncer, there’s nothing particularly great about the picture but I have to say he was a rather cute and rather chunky little monkey.

Flashback Friday Rules:

  • Your Flashback can be an old photo (with or without words), an old post – anything you like
  • Link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog
  • You can post up to two links a week – one old blog post and one old photo post
  • Add my button to the bottom of the post/picture you’re linking up so everyone can see where the linky originated (copy the code from the box below)
  • Comment on my Flashback Friday post and please visit and comment on at least one other person’s post who has linked up

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