What To Consider When Buying Your Child A Scooter

Christmas is just over two weeks away (I know, I know it’s crazy isn’t it?) and we are finally starting to enjoy the festive season. One thing My Three do every year is write a letter to Santa asking for the gifts they’d like to see under the tree. I think they have now decided on the ones that they’d like (or at least I hope they have anyway). One present James asked for this year is a new scooter as the scooter he currently has is too small for him to use properly. 

I have had a look online for scooters suitable for a child and both Matthew and I decided that we would definitely be buying James a new one for Christmas as we know it’s something he will use a lot and get a great deal of excitement from. We had a look at the different types of scooters available – who knew there were so many types but as he is only 6 we wanted to make sure that the one we chose for him was suitable the most suitable.

James is only 6 but he’s as tall as his brother Nathan, who is 8. He will be upgrading his 3 wheeled scooter a 2 wheeled scooter we are hoping that he will be able to learn some tricks once he gets more confident. He already has a skateboard and is proving to be a little bit of a pro already so I’m sure it won’t be too long before he is trying tricks out on his scooter too. 

If your youngster is getting a new scooter for Christmas it is important to make sure that they have the correct safety equipment. My Three aren’t allowed on their bikes or scooters without their helmets and safety pads. If your child would like to try some tricks out for themselves they might find this guide from Halfords useful. The aim of the guide is provide youngsters with tips in a 3 step process so they can learn some cool new tricks.

The guide provides all the information you need including which scooter is most suitable, the safety equipment needed before trying to perform the stunts and where you should try them to ensure that you’re not being a nuisance to anyone. 

There are 9 tricks in the guide for you try ranging from easy to hard so there is something for everyone to try no matter how long they’ve been riding their scooter. Each trick is shown via 3 steps so that they can be easily learnt.

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