Useful Technology For The Festive Season

It’s safe to say that most people’s lives revolve around technology – I know this is certainly true for our family. We have numerous consoles, tablets and mobile phones between us and its easy to get caught up with these items and forget that there are better / more important things that you should / could be doing. Even if you manage to tear yourself away from your phone or tablet it can be really hard to drag the children away, but there is a new device at hand for parents that can help to limit the time a child spends on their phones / tablets.

HomeHalo is an innovative new product designed by parents, for parents . HomeHalo allows parents to gain complete control over their child’s internet access with an easy-to-install WiFi router & app. You can download the app from both iOS and Android App Stores. There are two ways you can pay for HomeHalo upfront for £49.95 or £4.95 a month. The app allows you to set time limits, block inappropriate sites, activate homework mode and much more, all from your smartphone. Compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, HomeHalo will enable your kids to use the web safely, giving you peace of mind.

It’s a well known fact that burglary’s increase during the festive period. It’s such a busy time of year for everyone with shopping, running last minute errands and visiting family and friends. Sadly whilst we are busy burglars take this opportunity to commit crime and in the process can destroy a family’s Christmas and make them feel unsafe in their own home. But there are steps you can take to deter burglars one of them is to turn your lights on – this isn’t practical if you are away on holiday or out all day as it can be costly for your electricity bill. However, having your lights come on automatically would cut the cost of your bill and help deter any potential burglar.


The Light Switch Timer (£29.99). Is the first timer of it’s kind – it simply fits over any standard light switch on the wall and requires no wiring to install. You can program your main home lights to come on and go off when you’re not home – perfect if you are out late or away. The products has been accredited by the Police and has recently won Insight DIYs Gold award for best new security product 2015.

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